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Blue Plaque Unveiling 19th August

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday the 19th of Aug, a good crowd turned out to see Judith Worsnop from the Addingham United Charity unveil the plaque at Mill Close Field (High Mill). The plaque is dedicated to John Crossley and Joshua Dawson who gave the land to the Overseers of the Poor of Addingham in the late 17th century. It’s a fascinating story and if you want to learn more then contact Peter Hadfield at

This land and river bank was donated by JOSHUA DAWSON to The Overseers of the Poor of Addingham in March,1686 for the benefit of village residents. The original conveyance was by a deed. The original parchment copy, discovered in The Rectory in 1998, is deposited in the Bradford Library Archives.
In the 1996 Civic Society Publication ‘Addingham from Brigantes to By-pass’, Kate Mason wrote; “The rent of this field was… for the use of the poor. The field still belongs to the village and has given many generations of children great delight in playing in the river and fishing from the river bank.”


Addingham Civic Society