Neighbourhood Plan (NP): an update September 2018

A meeting of the NP Forum took place a week ago. Much work has been done, including a Landscape Character Assessment, commissioned by the Parish Council, to provide further evidence to back up the landscape policies and local green space designations. The Plan, including all the responses following the consultation exercise in August, will, all going well, be sent to Bradford Council in the next 4 weeks.
Bradford Council will then carry out a further period of consultation, and appoint an inspector to examine the Plan with the intention of achieving a Village referendum in May next year. Following the referendum, it is the Parish Council’s intention to start a review of the Plan immediately to incorporate housing site allocations. In the meantime work on the viability of the preferred options for housing will continue while the formal stages of approving the current draft Plan proceed.  This work and associated costs are to be assessed at the next meeting of the Forum. 

Addingham Civic Society