Revisions to Bradford’s Housing Land Assessment reveals developer’s and landowner’s ambitions


Landowners and Developers propose MORE Green Belt land for housing

Villagers are dismayed to learn of new  Plans submitted during the process of updating Bradford’s Strategic Housing Land Area Assessment. More Addingham Green Belt land is threatened.

Latest!!— Bradford’s timetable for it’s Local Plan is announced

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“Great News Dear—they have dropped the plans for the Windfarm”


Earlier this year Bradford Council issued the long overdue updated version of it’s Strategic Housing Land Area Assessment— SHLAA. The Council states—-

What is a SHLAA and why do we need one?

The SHLAA is a piece of research which gathers together information on all known site options for housing development ranging from those which already have planning permission to those which have been proposed on a speculative basis by land owners, developers or the public for future consideration. It also includes any vacant land which has been identified by officers in survey work. The study informs the Council whether there is an adequate supply of land across the District for new homes. The SHLAA is not a policy document, it does not make decisions or recommendations on which sites will go forward and be allocated for development. It is however a key piece of the evidence base which will inform the strategic and site specific elements of the Local Plan and provides useful information to inform where the current development pressures are, the scale of constraints in any one area and how many new homes could be delivered from those sites.


The first SHLAA was published in October 2011 (see below). This study examined sites already known to the Council as; having planning permission, allocated for short and longer term development in the adopted RUDP or identified through survey work as either underused, derelict and vacant land. The Council also invited landowners, developers and local people to submit sites over 0.4ha for consideration as part of a Call for Sites exercise.



SHLAA October  2011 Draft Area Map

October  2011


An update of the 2011 SHLAA has now been completed (see below). This both updates all the assessments in the first SHLAA and assesses a further 270 new sites. These new sites have come from a variety of sources:

  • Sites submitted by landowners since the cut off date for inclusion in the first SHLAA
  • Sites suggested by the general pubic;
  • New sites which have gained planning permission;
  • Sites added as a result of lowering the site size threshold to 0.2 ha

SHLAA 2013 Update Draft Area Map 860_600

2013 Revision


The resulting consequences for Addingham are clear.

Developers and Landowners are rushing  to present more of Addingham’s precious Green Belt for housing development. Independent Councillors Adrian Naylor and Anne Hawkesworth are promoting  a Petition to

Save Wharfedale Green Belt.

The Society believes that many members of the community will wish to add their voices to the protest. Watch out for announcements soon.

Cllr Naylor writes….

Bradford Council  hopes to publish the Local Plan, which will shape how the district develops for the next generation, in November. This document will not only tell us how many new houses will be built in the district but also where they will be put; what infrastructure such as schools and transport links we can expect and also how many new jobs will be needed and where those businesses will be. This is something that will affect us all.

It will determine how many green fields will be built on; how many new school places are needed and the effect this will have on transport links all of which will affect every one of us in one way or another. The initial proposal was for approximately 45,000 houses, however, following a motion to council by myself an external audit has been carried out by a company called GVA. Their initial findings suggested that the 45,000 was over optimistic and that 38,000 was a more realistic figure. Following the publication of their report new data from the 2011 census and new economic data has come to light suggesting that the rate of household formation in Bradford had been overstated by 13,000 so we could see the figure of 38,000 reduced even further.

On the 19th November the executive will be presented with the core strategy which will set out how Bradford Council wants to see the district develop. Following this the strategy will be presented to full Council in December and will then be subject to a public comment period of approximately six weeks which I have asked to start in January so as to avoid the Christmas period. The strategy will then go for public scrutiny later in the year.

It is vital that people register their views during this period if they wish them to be considered by the planning inspector as comments made previously will not be included. All documents will be available on Bradford Council’s website and I will endeavour to keep you updated with any new information as it is released.

Adrian Naylor September 2013


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