The Society Annual General Meeting

Details of the AGM were published in November’s Newsletter, but as a reminder…….. It’s on Wednesday the 3rd of Dec, 7.00pm at Mount Hermon Chapel.
Nominations are invited for Officers and Committee members and a nomination form was included in last month’s newsletter. Alternatively, contact the Chairman. Please come along.

WW1 Commemorations

Continuing our events and activities to commemorate the Great War, our first Speaker meeting next year will feature Ian Lockwood from Skipton. Former editor of the Craven Herald, Ian will look at how the war effected lives ‘back home’ in Skipton. His talk will be titled Skipton: The Home Front and is on Thursday the 15th of Jan at the Mem Hall.
Get this date in next years diary……

Speeding in Addingham

An update from our very own Jonathan White (Ilkley & District Road Safety Committee)
‘Clever SID, our data-collecting Speed Indicator Device, has been out and about again in Addingham, this time on Silsden Road. Perhaps you were “caught” by a sad face rather than a smiley one when heading uphill towards the roundabout! Over an eleven-hour period the average speed was 39mph. 150 vehicles out of a total of 1440 were travelling in excess of 40mph, i.e over 10%, the default speed being 30mph.
Over the last eighteen months SID has been deployed at various points in the village, all within the 20mph limit, collecting data which are now in the hands of the Highways Authority and the police. On Bolton Road, opposite the junction with Springfield Mount, 53% (over half) of the vehicles were found to be speeding; by the Primary School, again on Bolton Road, 66% (two thirds) were speeding; opposite the Co-op, 71% (nearly three quarters) drove over the limit, and on Post Office corner, 43% (close to half) chose to ignore the 20mph default speed.
It is difficult to argue that current traffic-calming measures – flashing signs and other road signage – are working for us in Addingham, despite the efforts of elected as well as voluntary bodies. Educating ourselves to be vigilant about our driving speeds is something we should all be endeavoring to do at all times. A more detailed report is available, as are all the data collected in these exercises.’
Addingham Civic Society