Tour de Yorkshire

A rather nice note from our member Richard Hunter Rowe (Chair of the group who organised Addingham’s Tour de Yorkshire Day):

‘Following the success of the Tour de Yorkshire in Addingham when the Prime Minister paid a visit to the village, Catherine Coates and I were invited to a garden party at No.10 on 29 June. This was for organisations and businesses that had hosted the Prime Minister and Chancellor during the Election Campaign. It was a gloriously warm day and the wine was flowing freely!

We were introduced again to Mr Cameron who had warm memories of Addingham. He said the people he met that day were the friendliest he had met during the campaign. The Chancellor, Mr Osborne, was late arriving due to a speech he was giving in The House on the Greek crisis. Both the Prime Minister and Chancellor gave brief speeches thanking their guests for the support they gave during the successful election campaign. Catherine and I finished our trip to London with a glass of champagne at St Pancras before returning to Yorkshire’.

Village Gala

The Civic Society was delighted to support the Addingham Gala and contribute to another successful day. The weather was lovely and tempted a good crowd to the field. It was a great opportunity to meet residents and visitors and share some of our activities. We had photographs of our recent Blue Plaque events, examples of speaker meetings, photos from the MUGA and playground and the maps of the Addingham housing plan, all of which provided much discussion.

Many people spent time browsing and buying our publications. A special thanks go to Catherine Snape for spending time during the afternoon signing copies of her recent publication: “We who served… Stories of Addingham and The Great War 1914 – 1918”. And finally, our new Civic Society leaflet received great comments and even tempted some new membership. Thanks to the gala committee for a great afternoon.

Addingham Civic Society