Society Civic Reception in Bradford:

party with lor mayor  267_200
Over the last two years or so the village has been fortunate to have had two visits by Councillor Joanne Dodds in her capacity as Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford. The first trip was for the induction of Jill Perrett at St Peter’s Church and the second in February last year to meet representatives from the many village groups and pupils from the school. Clearly, we made a great impression on Joanne because when she became Lord Mayor in May this year she invited your Executive Committee (and partners !) to a reception at City Hall. That was on the 15th of last month and it was no doubt a way on her part of repaying our hospitality. It was a great day, we had a presentation by Joanne, an extensive tour of City Hall and afternoon tea ! Joanne has agreed to attend our Autumn Fayre on the 17th of this month and there is little doubt she  has a fondness for the Village.The photo shows the Committee and partners with the Lord Mayor, having just signed the visitors book.

Addingham Civic Society