Annual General Meeting

This year’s meeting was held on the 19th of November at the Memorial Hall. It was attended by around 50 members so a big thank-you to everyone who came along. First of all, the minutes of the 2014 AGM were reviewed and subsequently approved with no matters arising. Your Chairman (Jim Robinson), Vice Chairman (Malcolm Keeble), Joint Treasurers (Gill Battarbee and Ann Austin) were all re-elected as Officers of the Society. Lynda Robinson was elected as our new Hon Secretary. The current board of Trustees (Ken Birch, Jack Robson, Pam Drury and Steve Lloyd) were all re-elected as well, with two new Trustees: Brenda Crooks and Sue Hunter. Kathryn Tysoe having stood down during the year as Hon Secretary.

The Chairman thanked many people for their help and support throughout the year, there are just too many to name in this short review. However, special mention was made of the other Trustees for their commitment and dedication. Ian Drysdale and Peter Mirfin were also singled out for their excellent work on the Finance Committee. The Society is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive group of people. Their efforts during the year have been astounding and at times ‘above and beyond’.

The Chairman then gave his report and review of the year on behalf of the Trustees.

To see the chairmans report click here   and to view the official documentation and accounts click here

Society Publications – A New Book

We are delighted to say that we have a new publication: Main Street Memories, Living and Shopping in the 1940’s in Addingham. Co- Authors being Gloria Stitt, Beryl Falkingham and our very own Don Barrett. A fantastic little book priced at only £4. Preston’s Newsagents keep a small stock. As Christmas is approaching fast, our books will make great presents. Don’t forget in addition to this latest publication we have Catherine Snape’s WW1 book and Arnold Pacey’s Addingham Homes book as well. Ring Steve Lloyd on 01943 830853 to order any of these.

Chairman’s Report December 2015

This report is a summary of the year’s review I gave at the AGM held on the 19th November. It reflects the work undertaken by the Trustees over the last 12 months, the issues and challenges we’ve faced and confirmation of the new appointments made at the AGM.

But first, a message from our President, Baroness Betty Lockwood, who sent her apologies for not being able to attend the AGM.  Don Barrett and I met up with her for a coffee a couple of weeks ago and she asked that we pass on her very best wishes to all her friends in the Society. She also asked me to say how proud she is to hear about how well we are doing and of all our achievements. She is well, albeit waiting for a date to undergo a hip operation. Betty will be 92 years of age in January.

I don’t think any end of year report would be complete without a few thank you’s.

Ok, here we go with the thank you’s : my  fellow Trustees of course, Ian Drysdale and Peter Mirfin (Ian is Chairman and Peter a very able lieutenant of our Finance Committee). The Society is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive group of people. Your efforts during the year have been astounding and at times ‘over and beyond’. I take great pride in working with you and consider you all my close friends.

A number of others: Don Barrett (publications), Catherine Snape and Geoff Hairsine (WW1 Group and Blue Plaques); the Parish Council for their continued support; Christine Brown (proof reading our newsletter); Stan Wainer and Mark Wood (MUGA inspections and in Mark’s case sorting out the insurance on the MUGA); Diana Keeble working tirelessly in organising two very successful and profitable Fayres  our band of newsletter deliverers including Catherine Snape for co-ordinating this essential activity; our group of refreshment and catering ladies without whom we would not function; Mike Bolton and Keith Appleyard for MUGA help and support; our ‘webmaster’ David Austin for the excellent work undertaken on our website and the electronic newsletter.

Finally a big thank you to our partners and if I have left someone out, then as I said at the AGM, apologies to you!

On Thursday the 19th November the minutes of the 2014 AGM were approved.

I then gave my report and review of the year on behalf of my fellow Trustees. As follows:

As a Society we are always looking to ensure that what we do is in accordance with our charitable aims and purposes. These are currently under review in our new constitution and any changes will be reflected in that document.

It was a challenging year with some difficult issues to come to terms with but despite those we had another successful and rewarding 12 months. This report will, to a large extent, be set out chronologically. I would like to highlight not only the achievements of the Trustees but also those of our members. In January two members of the Society were guests of David Cameron at Downing Street as community champions: Alan Davies and Richard Hunter Rowe. In March we had another hugely successful Spring Fayre. Then in May we provided support and help to the village team organising ‘our leg’ of the Tour of Yorkshire cycle race. We are forging ahead with our Blue Plaque project with new plaques installed at the Old School House on 3rd Jan and on the 16th May at Southfield Terrace. We are in discussions with two possible new ‘candidates’. May this year also saw the launch of Catherine Snape’s village WW1 book.

We are keen to work with other groups and societies in the village and throughout the year we specifically helped to promote and support: Addingham Drama Group, Addingham Cinema Club, Addingham Medical Centre, Addingham Open Gardens, the Village Gala and Hilary Thomas with her ‘Addingham Vocal Days’ concerts.

Our social programme continues to go from strength to strength and in July we had a wonderful summer concert from the Skipton Brass Band. This was quite a change for us and was very popular so, next year we are looking to do at least another two concerts. In June we announced that a bench seat had been installed at Low Mill and then in July broke the news that it had been stolen!

A highlight for the Trustees and their partners was a civic reception at Bradford City Hall on the 15th Sept as guests of Joanne Dodds, the Lord Mayor. A couple of days later we held an Open Forum meeting for members. This was mainly centred round the plans for our new constitution but unfortunately it was not one of our most constructive sessions. In October we held an Autumn Fayre and our guest of honour was the Lord Mayor of Bradford. It was a very successful day and raised over £500.

As Chairman I feel it is vital for our Society to work closely with the Parish Council and I am pleased to say we have achieved this with our Blue Plaque and WW1 commemorations and projects. We look forward to working closely with Catherine and her team on the village Neighbourhood Plan. Whilst on the subject of housing, Malcolm Keeble is doing a great job ensuring that the Society is kept abreast of developments relating to Bradford Council’s plans for house building in the community. Alan Taylor’s expertise is also proving invaluable to the Society.

Our current Constitution goes back to 1991 and needs updating and bringing in line with current rules and regulations. It has been taking up a lot of time and resources. We have had help from a solicitor who is an expert in Charity law and we are also seeking assistance from Bradford Community Voluntary Service. Hopefully we will send out the new document early in the New Year and will then call an EGM (same time as a Members’ meeting) to get it approved. Thanks to those who have contributed so far.


Accounts and Treasurers Report.

The Society’s financial report and MUGA balance sheet were both unanimously approved by the membership at the AGM. There were no matters or queries arising. The format of the financial report is similar to previous years and includes a comparison with last year.


Officers Nominations

It was sad to announce at the AGM that our Hon Secretary Kathryn Tysoe resigned during the year. She was thanked for her contribution. Kathryn’s replacement, Lynda Robinson, was proposed, seconded and approved.   Chairman, Vice Chairman and Joint Treasurers all agreed to stand again and were also proposed, seconded and approved, accordingly. We are now back in line with the Charity Commission and our Constitution.


Trustee Nominations

Also at the AGM we went through a similar process with the existing Trustees all agreeing to stand again and consequently were proposed, seconded and approved on the night. We also welcomed two new Trustees: Brenda Crooks and Sue Hunter.


There were no items of AOB and as such the AGM was formally concluded at 8.10pm.


Jim Robinson



December 2015.



AGM Dec 2015 Documents

Please find below the documents from the Society’s AGM held on the 19th of November. They include the Agenda for the meeting and the minutes from the 2014 AGM, which were approved on the night. There is also a list of the Society’s assets. Finally, the Finance report and the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) balance sheet are also included. Again, these two reports were unanimously, approved on the 19th. If you want to read a detailed account of November’s AGM then just refer to the Chairman’s report. If you have any questions about any of this documentation then please contact the Hon Secretary on : or any Trustee.

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting: 19th of November 2015.

  1. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on the 3rd of December 2014.
  2. To receive a report of the Trustees: Jim Robinson.
  3. To receive Audited accounts and Treasurers report: Gill Battarbee/Ann Austin.
  4. To receive nominations for the Officers of the Society and make appointments:
    1. Hon Chairman.
    2. Hon Vice Chairman.
    3. Hon Secretary.
    4. Hon Treasurer.
  5. To receive nominations for Trustees and make appointments.
  6. Any other business.



Addingham Civic Society : Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on the 3rdDecember 2014 at Mount Hermon Chapel, Addingham:      

The meeting opened with a welcome from the Chairman, Jim Robinson, and the minutes of the AGM on 14.11.13 were circulated.


1. The minutes of last year’s AGM were read and approved.

Proposed Kevin Reilly, Seconded Peter Mirfin


2. Review of the year.

The Chairman thanked the following people for their support and hard work (In no order of preference).

  • Catherine Snape and her team of newsletter deliverers.
  • Brenda Crooks and her team of helpers for refreshments throughout the year
  • Stan Wainer for regularly checking the MUGA.
  • Diana Keeble for organising the spring and autumn fayres.
  • Christine Brown for proofreading our Newsletter
  • Ian Drysdale (ID) for chairing the Finance group and Peter Mirfin (PM) for supporting Ian.


  • Christmas party
  • Three civic pride awards
  •  Electronic newsletter now well established
  •  World War One Commemoration Group established
  •  Streamlining of members subscription system
  • Two Fayres which raised a total of £1200
  • Nine Speaker meetings throughout the year.
  • Visit by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford
  • Blue Plaque at Mount Hermon.
  • Repairs to the village plan boards
  • Supporting the Tour de France event with a donation
  •  Support of the village Christmas market


3. Treasurers Report.

Ann Austin (AA) and Gill Battarbee (GB)act as joint Treasurers. The Finance report for the year was circulated.

The Civic Society received an anonymous donation with thanks.

AA and GB would like to thank ID and PM for their help.

Comments on the report were as follows…

Don Barrett would like the “Books” value to be detailed separately. AA responded that this is classed as an asset so included in that area. It was suggested that in future reports we include a footnote detailing the value of the Books. Peter Wilkinson expressed concerns that the value has been written off. AA said she would look at previous reports.

PW wanted to know if the MUGA should be shown as an asset. The value of the MUGA is in its lease.

Mike Bolton suggested that we issue a “statement of assets”.

Propose: Mike Bolton, Seconded: Peter Wilkinson


4. Election of Officers.

Chair: Jim Robinson

Vice Chair: Malcolm Keeble

Treasurer: Ann Austin/GillBattarbee(joint)

Hon. Secretary: Kathryn Tysoe

All Officers were nominated and seconded according to the Society’s constitution.

Election of the Executive Committee members was undertaken: Brenda Crooks, Pam Drury, Jack Robson, Ken Birch, and Steve Lloyd. They were all nominated and seconded according to the Society’s constitution.

Three members stood down: Keith Appleyard, Paul Henderson, and Geoff Hairsine.


5. AOB

It has been suggested that there be a seat installed on Low Mill Lane.

Richard Hunter-Rowe suggested that a representative of the CS seek a place on the Memorial Hall panel.


The meeting closed with Don Barrett expressing thanks to JR on behalf of the village.




Statement of Society’s Assets: 19th of November 2015 AGM.

  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • MUGA noticeboard
  • MUGA token box (on side of pavilion)
  • Tennis net and posts
  • Netball posts and nets
  • Acer laptop and bag
  • Dell projector
  • Saville Falcon OHP
  • Audio Technical microphone kit
  • Bogey amplifier  and speaker
  • Computer stand
  • White board stand
  • Folding display boards and bag
  • Spring/Autumn Fayre banner
  • Two ‘Society’ banners
  • Framed record sleeve donated by David Harrison
  • Cable covers and 4 way adaptor
  • First Aid box and contents
  • 2 cork pin boards
  • Wooden duck, display box and Society cloth
  • Misc bits and bobs including ‘catering’ items
  • Books on hand at estimated market value £500



Financial Report for the Year Ending 30th September 2015

Addingham Civic Society