New Publication: William ‘Bill’ Bradley Addingham’s most inventive engineer

William 'Bill' Bradley Addingham's most inventive engineer. William Bradley Book IMG_1979 100_150Written by Don Barrett and Ian Crawshaw. This book describes the life of William Bradley from his birth in 1885 to his death at the great age of 98. He set up his own successful business in Church Street, Addingham. Starting as a vehicle repair and servicing garage but later becoming a manufacturer of innovative textile industry equipment. Bill Bradley was a remarkable engineer. This book tells of his early life, becoming well known in motorcycling circles for his ‘Bradley Special’ trials bikes (usually named ‘Felix’), his life as a family man and his time as a manufacturer of textile equipment at his Beacon Works. The book is priced at £4 and is available at Preston's Newsagents or by contacting Steve Lloyd on 01943 830853 or email Steve at:

Civic Society Submissions

Below are the documents submitted by Addingham Civic Society to Bradford MDC reference the Core Strategy Development Plan Document. These documents refer to the proposed Main Modifications to the Bradford MDC Core Strategy Development Plan which can be viewed on the website. To view this site click here to follow the link. ACS Covering Letter January 2016 Preface Core Strategy Proposed Modification Representations Form Final Nov2015 Form A Main Mod MM8 Main Mod MM18 Main Mod MM28 Main Mod MM51 Main Mod MM65 Main Mod MM72 Main Mod MM96 Main Mod MM127 Further Hearings - Addingham Civic Society Statement May 2016