AGM 16th of June 2016

The Society’s AGM was held at the Memorial Hall, Addingham on 16th June. Over 60 members were present and a big thank-you to those who were able to make it. As you will all know by now we have changed a number of our key ‘business’ dates to simplify matters and bring them more into line. Our Financial Year End is now the 31 st of March, from next year our AGM’s will be held in May and our Membership year now runs from the 1 st of Sept.With the collection of subs to commence in June.
The meeting papers were made available to members on arrival and the meeting itself was uneventful. The only nominations for Officers and Trustees were for the existing ‘team’ and they all agreed to stand. So that was straightforward ! The Minutes of last year’s AGM, the EGM in February this year and the Financial Report (6 months up to end of March) were all approved with no matters arising. The Chairman gave his report covering the period from November last year. There were no AOB items and the formalities were completed at 7.50pm.

Documents have been uploaded to the ‘Whats going on? page of the website

Our latest ‘publication’

No it’s not a book, this time !  It’s an excellent short DVD about the Addingham Sawmill, produced by our very own Don Barrett. It summarises the history of the Mill and features an old film made in 1952 called ‘Timber’. The cost of the DVD is £4 and if you want a copy then contact Steve Lloyd on 01943 830853 or email Steve at We will have copies available at the Village Gala on the 9th of July and at the Summer Concert on the 14th of July.

Addingham Civic Society