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Addingham Parish Council is the qualifying body for preparing a Neighbourhood Plan setting out how residents would like to see the village develop and improve over the next 15 years. The Plan could include matters such as protecting areas of village greenspace,  supporting and encouraging local businesses, where new housing should be located, what new facilities are required, green/sustainability issues and other topics.   addingham-village-view-261016   The Neighbourhood Plan must take account of residents’ views. The Plan is being led by the Parish Council, who have established a Neighbourhood Plan Forum to consult with village residents and businesses in order to identify ideas and proposals for inclusion in the Plan. Current membership of the Forum is listed below. An Information and Consultation Meeting has been arranged where you can learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan process, speak to members of the Forum and give your views and ideas on the future of the village.

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN EVENT ****** MEMORIAL HALL ****** THURSDAY 3rd NOVEMBER 2016 DROP IN ANY TIME BETWEEN 3.00 pm – 7.30 pm There will be brief presentations giving more information on the Neighbourhood Plan process at 4.30pm and 6.30pm

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans are a relatively recent introduction in the planning process, designed to give communities a greater say in how their area should change and develop. Plans must be prepared in full consultation with local residents and must take account of the community’s views and aspirations. Neighbourhood Plans are usually put to a local Referendum and if supported by a majority, become part of the statutory planning framework. Neighbourhood Plans must comply with the Local Authority’s approved Local Plan, in our case Bradford Council’s Local Plan Core Strategy, which is expected to be formally adopted some time next year.

Bradford Local Plan

Bradford’s Core Strategy for the District covers a wide range of policies and proposals for new housing development, economic growth, protection of the environment and so on. The document sets out the strategic planning framework for the District’s development between 2013 – 2030. On new housing, Bradford’s plan requires provision for 42,100 new houses across the District by 2030. Most housing is to be located in Bradford City and the larger towns, but a significant amount in other areas including Wharfedale.

The allocation for Addingham is 200 new dwellings over the period to 2030. Bradford’s plan also states that whilst the release of green-belt will be necessary in some parts of Wharfedale to meet the housing requirement, no release of green-belt is required in Addingham to meet the allocated dwelling requirement.

Bradford Local Plan Core Strategy Publication Draft 2014 and Planning Inspector’s report 2016

Bradford’s Core Strategy was recently examined at a public inquiry by an independent Planning Inspector. The Inspector’s report confirms the allocation of 200 dwellings for Addingham and agrees with Bradford Council stating that “sufficient potential land can be identified to meet the proposed apportionment without using Green Belt or sites in flood risk areas”.

Since 2013, around 50 dwellings have been built or are under construction in the village, leaving a remaining requirement for 150 dwellings over the Plan period to 2030. The Bradford Plan states that Addingham is one of the least sustainable settlements in the District, and that “a much slower pace and scale of growth compared to urban areas forms the overall approach for Addingham…….”

The recent event held by a major housebuilder showed one approach to meeting the village housing requirement. However there are alternatives to having one very large housing estate, such as a number of smaller sites in different locations, including brownfield (previously developed) land. There are arguments in favour of both approaches and it is important to get residents’ views. There will be further consultation on housing issues as the Neighbourhood Plan progresses. Of course, new housing development is not the only important issue for the Plan; for example:-

• How important are greenspaces and the landscape settng of the village • Are highways, footpath and parking improvements required • How can Main Street be revitalised and businesses supported • Conservation and Heritage – protection of village character • Are any new facilities required – sports, recreation, community facilities • Capacity of infrastructure – schools, drainage • How can the village become more sustainable

Work on these and other issues which residents feel are important will be progressed over the coming months, in full consultation with the village. See next page for more information on keeping up-to-date with the process and gettng involved

Housing Development

Although the Neighbourhood Plan will cover a range of topics, new housing development is a central issue which will be of concern and interest to many residents. As indicated earlier, sites for around 150 of the 200 dwellings allocated for Addingham need to be found.

Bradford Council is currently preparing an Allocations Development Plan Document for the District, to identify actual housing sites to be developed. Work on this, which included public consultation on potential sites over the summer, is on-going. The Neighbourhood Plan is a major opportunity for residents to contribute to this work and help to influence which sites are developed, the type of housing required and related matters.

The plan below shows sites with potential for housing development, as identified in Bradford Council’s recent Allocations consultation. This includes sites put forward by landowners and developers. Several of the potential housing sites have constraints which would affect their suitability. The identified sites could accommodate many more dwellings than the allocation for the village and the plan does NOT indicate that ALL of these sites are going to be developed.

A key objective of the Addingham Neighbourhood Plan will be to get residents’ views on which sites are most appropriate for new houses – where they can be accommodated without harming village character, settng and environment, taking account of infrastructure capacity and other factors such as sustainability and flood risk. Residents’ views are essential so that these can be considered when drafting up the Neighbourhood Plan.

More information on this will be available at the event on 3rd November and there will be further public consultation over the coming months to identify detailed views and comments on accommodating the dwelling requirement and on all other topics in the Plan.

Addingham Neighbourhood Plan Forum

The Neighbourhood Plan is a Parish Council-led initiative and the Forum has been set up as a working group by the Council. The Forum will manage the process of preparing a draft Plan –  undertaking research and surveys, gathering evidence and ensuring full community engagement and involvement through regular information up-dates and public meetings at various stages of the process. Contributions to a wide range of topics will be required from residents, businesses and village organisations.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan prepared by the Forum, in consultation with residents, must be approved by the Parish Council, after which it is likely to be the subject of a village referendum run by Bradford Council. Based on the current timescale, it is envisaged that the referendum could be held around the end of 2017. Current Forum membership is as follows:-

Addingham Parish Council John Mawson Adrian Naylor Barry Orr Simon Tennant

Addingham Civic Society Jim Robinson

Residents Keith Appleyard Alan Taylor Wes Wilcox Maureen Wood

Clerk: Jane Markham

A Communications Strategy for keeping the village informed and involved in the Neighbourhood Plan is being prepared. This will include up-dates on a number of the village web-sites including the Neighbourhood Plan section of the Parish Council site. Social media will also be used as far as possible. In the meantime, if you require any further information, please contact the Parish Council Clerk Jane Markham at: or write to: The Old School Room, Main Street, Addingham LS29 0NS


Leaflet produced by Addingham Neighbourhood Plan Forum – October 2016

Addingham Civic Society