The Addingham COVID-19 Support Group is here to support you.

Hello Civic Society Members, are you making use of the support that is on offer for you?

If you, your family, friends or neighbours need any support just ring either of these numbers 01943 831758  or  07470 537421 . Don’t worry if no one answers just leave a message. 

Alternatively, if you use email, you could send a message to us at

This isn’t just for those who are termed medically “vulnerable”, it’s support for anyone who needs it, or even for some who don’t think they need it! It’s a way to avoid everyday things that we normally take for granted like popping to the supermarket or calling in for a newspaper, things that in the current pandemic are risky for a lot of us.  We all know we can cope by ourselves but at the moment that might not be the best thing to do.

For the last month well over a hundred fantastic Addingham volunteers have been shopping, delivering prescriptions, walking dogs, cutting lawns, collecting newspapers and much more.

It works like this:

  • You ring either of these numbers, 01943 831758  or  07470 537421 and if no one answers leave a message
  • We will ring you back to see how we can help
  • We then allocate one volunteer to you
  • The two of you then keep in touch, you just let the volunteer know when you need something.

It’s as easy as that!

We can also set up someone just to ring you for a chat if you like and if you run out of cash we can handle that too, it’s not a problem.

Here are some of the lovely comments we’ve had so far:

What an operation you are running – it’s brilliant!”

“My volunteer brought me an Easter Egg on Easter Sunday!”

 “It’s very reassuring to know that there is someone local she can call on while we are so far away.”

 “Our volunteer has made a brilliant start.”

 “The system works like a dream.”

 “Our volunteer has already proved worth more than her weight in gold! We are very pleased.”

 “As well as shopping I’ll check with her at least once a week if I don’t hear from her as she’s all alone.”

 “I mowed her grass on Wednesday and have arranged to go back in a couple of weeks.”

 “She lives down the road but I had never spoken to her before – she has been so helpful.”

 We have lots of volunteers who are waiting for a call so Do Get In Touch with us.

In addition a couple of weeks ago we sent out an email about the current crisis and the support that is available in the Village and this has been reproduced below for those of you without access to email:

If you are 70+ there are volunteers from the Addingham COVID-19 Support Group waiting to help you.

 If you are 70+ we are encouraging you to stay safe by requesting a volunteer who will do your shopping for you.

The research clearly shows that shopping is one of the riskiest things we can do at the moment. However well organised the shop or supermarket is, the risk is high. 

The research also shows how vulnerable the older generation is to this virus.

 Lots of us who are over 70 are fit and able, feel quite confident to go the shops and don’t want to put on anyone, and some of us are even shopping for others, but we really are the people who should be asking for a volunteer and encouraging others to do the same.

Many folk have family members, neighbours and friends who are helping out with shopping. However if those generous people are themselves over 70 they are putting themselves at risk. Please do ask for a volunteer.

In Addingham we have a fantastic group of volunteers who are ready and able to do our shopping and errands for us. Don’t hesitate to ask. The number to contact is at the end of this article.

So where did all these volunteers come from?

In the middle of March representatives from the Parish Council, Good Neighbours and the Civic Society met to discuss how they could work together to support Addingham residents through the COVID-19 crisis. Within a week an email address and telephone number were made available for requests for help or offers of help, a leaflet was prepared, and a volunteer system set up.

Since then the Support Group has had a fantastic response and now has 150 + volunteers, many of whom are supporting residents with shopping, errands, prescriptions, dog walking, telephone calls and much more. With huge thanks to the Clarke Foley Trust we can even help with purchases if your cash supply runs out.

 We have the capacity to help many more residents so we seriously encourage you to take advantage of this local support scheme by giving us a call on:

 01943 831758  or 07470 537421  or email at

Addingham Civic Society