Addingham COVID-19 Support Group

Everything has been very quiet for a few of weeks now, so we are beginning to look to the future. 
Lockdown has eased, shops are opening, those who have been shielding have a new timetable and Boris has changed the 2 metre rule. Some of our volunteers have been recalled to work and some residents are now confident enough to do their own shopping.
The Support Group is still helping lots of people, but we know that numbers will eventually decrease and our group will no longer be needed. When we reach that point we will give plenty of notice and no one should worry because our good friends at Addingham Good Neighbours will continue to support anyone who needs help. At the moment we are doing a bit of long term planning so that we can ensure the group could be brought back into action quickly and efficiently should it be needed in the future. Let’s hope not !
In the meantime you might like to see what the group has been getting up to:

  • 33 Volunteers hand delivered 1,600 Information leaflets.
  • 1 Volunteer designed a secure database for all the information.
  • 3 Volunteers wrote and updated guidelines.
  • 4 Volunteers handle all incoming communications.
  • 2 Volunteers allocate all support and liaise with individuals.
  • 144 Volunteers are offering practical support, such as shopping, errands, dog-walking, gardening etc.
  • 23 Volunteers are offering Telephone Befriending.  
  • 5 Volunteers (Addingham First Responders) are offering prescription collection and delivery.
  • 2 Volunteers offer occasional prescription delivery from beyond Addingham.
  • 3 Volunteers made 3 paper patterns for scrubs.
  • 4 Volunteers made Scrubs for Addingham Health Centre.
  • 3 Volunteers made contact with shielded residents.
  • 12 people researched the need for an Addingham Fresh Food Bank.
  • 34 cheques have been exchanged for cash.
  • Ramon’s prints have been gifted to volunteers and clients.                
  • Transport has been provided for a key worker.
  • Many dogs have been walked many miles.
  • Many lawns have been cut.
  • And gardens have been gardened!!

And finally a quick word from Diana Keeble at Addingham Good Neighbours.
‘If you are volunteering and enjoying the role you might be interested in joining Addingham Good Neighbours. We would love to hear from you. Just give me a call on 01943 839425. Thanks.’

Addingham Civic Society