Addingham Environment Group

The Addingham Environment Group has been very active. Below are some of their recent activities. For more information vist the Environment  group by clicking here.

Environment Day 2018.

Following the very successful first village Environment Day held on May 13th this year the Environment Group has agreed the event should be repeated next year and, all things being equal, should become an annual event. Our proposal is for a similar format i.e. with a morning of displays and activities in the Memorial Hall followed by a guided walk in the afternoon.  We’re looking to fix a date for a Saturday in mid to late May or early June.

Neighbourhood Plan.

Jan Hindle and her team are making excellent progress in preparing the group’s contribution to the Neighbourhood Plan. The emphasis at the moment is on Village Green Space, identifying it, and assessing its value in terms of wildlife, beauty, historic significance, recreational value, and tranquillity. The Spaces assessed so far include Church Field, The Sailor and Burnside Mill Fields, Manor Garth, Sugar Hill and Back Beck Lane, and the Saw Mill and Town Beck. Jan would like to thank Linda Haggarty, Carol Miles and Richard Walton in particular for their help.
Jan has also been carrying out a Green Space consultation exercise in the village to find out how our Green Spaces are used and valued by residents and how they might be improved. Over a hundred questionnaires have been returned and she is currently analysing the results.

Wildflower Project.

Our wildflower project is beginning to gather momentum as many groups in the village are interested in taking part. The Parish Council has invited us to put forward wildflower plans for land owned by the Council. With the Parish Clerk’s help we have now been able to map out council-owned land and we are ready to begin surveying the different fields. Garden Friends have been managing the Old Station Way grassland now for some years and we have joined forces with them to help this plot in the centre of the village become a showpiece for wildflowers. We are having a discussion with St Peter’s Church about the management of Church Field and we are meeting with The Methodist Church in the near future to assess how we can help improve their graveyard as an attractive, tranquil, wildlife-rich place to visit. We have also had meetings with the Golf Club. Bracken Ghyll Golf Course has many biodiverse areas including woodland, ponds and grasslands and the Greenkeeper, Rob Walker, is most interested in increasing wildflower populations on the course, especially in patches between fairways and alongside some of the tees.
Overall, although the various organisations have different objectives and different constraints there is real potential to put together a village-wide strategy for wildflowers and pollinators in line with national governmental policies.

Becks Project.

The Becks Project is also making very good progress. A Steering Committee has now been drawn up with representatives from the Parish Council (Simon Tennant), the Addingham Anglers Association (Tony Brady) and the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust, the Wild Trout Trust, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and Bradford Council. The first meeting was held in the Methodist Church Lounge on Tuesday 27th June to agree aims and objectives. Community engagement within the village is seen as the highest priority. We should have much more to report on the Becks in the next Newsletter

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