AGM Dec 2015 Documents

Please find below the documents from the Society’s AGM held on the 19th of November. They include the Agenda for the meeting and the minutes from the 2014 AGM, which were approved on the night. There is also a list of the Society’s assets. Finally, the Finance report and the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) balance sheet are also included. Again, these two reports were unanimously, approved on the 19th. If you want to read a detailed account of November’s AGM then just refer to the Chairman’s report. If you have any questions about any of this documentation then please contact the Hon Secretary on : or any Trustee.


Agenda for the Annual General Meeting: 19th of November 2015.

  1. To approve the Minutes of the AGM held on the 3rd of December 2014.
  2. To receive a report of the Trustees: Jim Robinson.
  3. To receive Audited accounts and Treasurers report: Gill Battarbee/Ann Austin.
  4. To receive nominations for the Officers of the Society and make appointments:
    1. Hon Chairman.
    2. Hon Vice Chairman.
    3. Hon Secretary.
    4. Hon Treasurer.
  5. To receive nominations for Trustees and make appointments.
  6. Any other business.



Addingham Civic Society : Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on the 3rdDecember 2014 at Mount Hermon Chapel, Addingham:      

The meeting opened with a welcome from the Chairman, Jim Robinson, and the minutes of the AGM on 14.11.13 were circulated.

1. The minutes of last year’s AGM were read and approved.

Proposed Kevin Reilly, Seconded Peter Mirfin


2. Review of the year.

The Chairman thanked the following people for their support and hard work (In no order of preference).

  • Catherine Snape and her team of newsletter deliverers.
  • Brenda Crooks and her team of helpers for refreshments throughout the year
  • Stan Wainer for regularly checking the MUGA.
  • Diana Keeble for organising the spring and autumn fayres.
  • Christine Brown for proofreading our Newsletter
  • Ian Drysdale (ID) for chairing the Finance group and Peter Mirfin (PM) for supporting Ian.



  • Christmas party
  • Three civic pride awards
  •  Electronic newsletter now well established
  •  World War One Commemoration Group established
  •  Streamlining of members subscription system
  • Two Fayres which raised a total of £1200
  • Nine Speaker meetings throughout the year.
  • Visit by the Deputy Lord Mayor of Bradford
  • Blue Plaque at Mount Hermon.
  • Repairs to the village plan boards
  • Supporting the Tour de France event with a donation
  •  Support of the village Christmas market


3. Treasurers Report.

Ann Austin (AA) and Gill Battarbee (GB)act as joint Treasurers. The Finance report for the year was circulated.

The Civic Society received an anonymous donation with thanks.

AA and GB would like to thank ID and PM for their help.

Comments on the report were as follows…

Don Barrett would like the “Books” value to be detailed separately. AA responded that this is classed as an asset so included in that area. It was suggested that in future reports we include a footnote detailing the value of the Books. Peter Wilkinson expressed concerns that the value has been written off.  AA said she would look at previous reports.

PW wanted to know if the MUGA should be shown as an asset. The value of the MUGA is in its lease.

Mike Bolton suggested that we issue a “statement of assets”.

Propose: Mike Bolton, Seconded: Peter Wilkinson


4. Election of Officers.

Chair:                    Jim Robinson

Vice Chair:           Malcolm Keeble

Treasurer:           Ann Austin/GillBattarbee(joint)

Hon. Secretary: Kathryn Tysoe

All Officers were nominated and seconded according to the Society’s constitution.

Election of the Executive Committee members was undertaken: Brenda Crooks, Pam Drury, Jack Robson, Ken Birch, and Steve Lloyd. They were all nominated and seconded according to the Society’s constitution.

Three members stood down: Keith Appleyard, Paul Henderson, and Geoff Hairsine.


5. AOB

It has been suggested that there be a seat installed on Low Mill Lane.

Richard Hunter-Rowe suggested that a representative of the CS seek a place on the Memorial Hall panel.


The meeting closed with Don Barrett expressing thanks to JR on behalf of the village.




Statement of Society’s Assets: 19th of November 2015 AGM.

  • Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)
  • MUGA noticeboard
  • MUGA token box (on side of pavilion)
  • Tennis net and posts
  • Netball posts and nets
  • Acer laptop and bag
  • Dell projector
  • Saville Falcon OHP
  • Audio Technical microphone kit
  • Bogey amplifier  and speaker
  • Computer stand
  • White board stand
  • Folding display boards and bag
  • Spring/Autumn Fayre banner
  • Two ‘Society’ banners
  • Framed record sleeve donated by David Harrison
  • Cable covers and 4 way adaptor
  • First Aid box and contents
  • 2 cork pin boards
  • Wooden duck, display box and Society cloth
  • Misc bits and bobs including ‘catering’ items
  • Books on hand at estimated market value £500


Financial Report for the Year Ending 30th September 2015

Financial statement 14-15 for website 735_1119


MUGA balance sheet 14-15 for website 831_1209 v3


Addingham Civic Society