AGM Sept 2020 Documents

Documents for the online AGM 17th September 2020



       Annual General Meeting

Thursday 17th of September @ 7.30pm via Zoom Video Conferencing.




  1. Chairman’s Welcome and Apologies
  2. Chairman to explain the logistics of this ‘virtual’ AGM
  3. To approve the minutes of the AGM held on the 16th of May 2019                                                 
  4. To receive a report from the Trustees: Chairman Jim Robinson
  5. To receive Audited Accounts and Treasurers’ Report: Treasurer Ann Austin          
  1. To receive nominations for the Officers of the Society and make the appointments.

Hon. Chairman

Hon. Vice Chairman

Hon. Secretary

Hon. Treasurer


  1. To receive nominations for the Trustees of the Society and make the appointments. 
  2.  Any other business 



Addingham Civic Society

 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Thursday 16th May 2019

Venue: Addingham Memorial Hall


  1. Chairman’s welcome and Apologies.

Jim Robinson opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

Present:  Jim Robinson (Chair), Ann Austin, Gill Battarbee, Brenda Crooks, Malcolm Keeble, Ian Drysdale, Steve Lloyd, Jack Robson.

Margaret Keating (Co-opted)

There were a sufficient number of members in attendance (50) for the AGM to be quorate.

Formal apologies: Richard Walton, Ken Birch, Don Barrett, Alan Davies, Jayne Hood, Sue Hunter, Peter Mirfin, Liz Powell.

The relevant papers for the AGM were sent to Members in advance of the AGM, with the May Newsletter.                                                                                                                                                     

  1. Minutes of AGM held on the 17th May 2018 and any matters arising.

There were no matters arising.

Minutes Proposed Jonathan White, Seconded Richard Bull. All in favour.

  1. Chairman’s Review of the Year


Highlights since last year’s AGM, in no particular order:


  • Continuing to promote and support other Village Organisations/Societies..
  • The Society is always keen to retain a strong Social presence in the Society and in the last 12 months we have arranged:….10 Members Meetings, a Summer Trip, Xmas Party, 2 Fayres, a 40th Anniversary party and an Environment Weekend.
  • As mentioned above, 2 very successful Fayres with the Spring one making a profit of over £950.
  • Another hugely successful 12 months from our Environment Group. An Environment weekend 30th of June and 1st of July. The Chairman was delighted to say that the Group’s profile and influence goes from strength to strength.

Their 4 Becks Project received 2nd prize in the Peter Spawforth Awards at the YHACS AGM In Jan.

  • The Blue Plaques Project came to an end but not before another 4 Plaques had been installed and a special BP Trail leaflet was released.
  • In Oct a special WW1 plaque was unveiled to the 17 Serviceman who lost their lives and who’s names were missing from the war Memorial. In conjunction with the unveiling we held an event in the Mem Hall involving many young adults from the Village uniform organisations.
  • Continue to be actively involved with Village’s Neighbourhood Plan with the next big stage being a  Village referendum.
  • Working hand in hand with the Parish Council the Village Newsletters were once again delivered to every home in the Village in Sept and March.
  • The Society’s Summer Trip in July was another great day with visits to Goole  and Howden. This year the Summer Trip is to Bygone Times and Astley Hall and Gardens, near Chorley.
  • In July the Addingham Suspension Bridge was cleaned and cleared and subsequently some issues were discovered which lead to its closure for 6 months. Oh dear.
  • Two very well deserved Civic Pride Awards were given to Sue Ross and our very own Rick Battarbee. A number of nominations for this year’s award have been received and we and the winner will be announced in the next month or so.
  • The Chairman was delighted to see the progress with the Village Hub and confirmed that the Society would continue to support the team there as far as possible.
  • The Community Award Scheme continues to help Village Organisations with three awards being given out. They were Hilary Thomas’s Vocal Days, our Bowling Club and very recently the Cricket Club. Keep them coming.
  • The Society’s very special Telephone Kiosk continues to attract interest and is an excellent Visitor Information Point. Thanks must go to its ‘neighbours’ Jacquie Teasdale and Malcolm and Carol Armitage for looking after it so well….
  • The Society is always keen to launch new publications and this year was no exception with the The Flowers of Church Field by Arnold Pacey and Co……watch out for another publication and a very unusual one at that, very soon.
  • Another couple of exciting new projects likely to be implemented in the next 9 months … watch this space.


Clearly the Society must be doing something right as there have been just over 20 new members join the Society in the last 12 months.


Finally, the Chairman mentioned a number thank-you’s and there have been many throughout the year. Brenda Crooks and the ladies who do the refreshments , Diana Keeble for masterminding 2 successful Fayres, Steve Lloyd for organising a super Summer Trip…..the list goes on. But a special thank-you was also made of all the Trustees.


  1. Finance report

Audited accounts and Treasurer’s report had been circulated with the May Members’ Newsletter. There were no matters arising.

The proposal is that the accounts be agreed as presented.

Accounts Proposed Rick Battarbee, Seconded Diana Keeble. All in favour.

  1. To receive nominations for the Officers of the Society and make the appointments:


        Since circulating the agenda the death of our President, Baroness Lockwood, has been announced. Betty was a staunch supporter of the Society and since moving into Abbeyfield in Ilkley the Society has kept in touch with her with regular newsletters and visits.  Jim Robinson has sent condolences on behalf of the Society. A private funeral has been arranged and a memorial service is to be announced.

        At this point the elections of President and Vice President have been added to the agenda.

        President: The Trustees recommend to the members the election of Don Barrett. (Currently Vice President). This was supported from the floor.

        Proposed Mike Bolton, Seconded Hilary Thomas. All in favour.

        Vice President: The Trustees recommend to the  members the election of Jonathan White.  This  was supported from the floor.

        Proposed Richard Bull, Seconded Beryl Robson. All in favour.

        Hon. Chairman Jim Robinson’s three year term of office has been completed. He has been proposed and seconded to stand for a further three year period. There were no proposals from the floor. Jim Robinson re-elected.

        Hon. Vice Chairman Malcolm Keeble’s three year term of office has been completed. He has been proposed and seconded to stand for a further three year period. There were no proposals from the floor. Malcolm Keeble re-elected.

        Hon. Secretary No proposals from the floor. Gill Battarbee remains as Secretary.

        Hon. Treasurer No proposals from the floor. Ann Austin remains as Treasurer.


  1. To receive nominations for the Trustees of the Society and make the appointments.

        A seconded nomination has been received from Jayne Hood to stand as a trustee. There were no further proposals from the floor. All in favour.

        Ken Birch, Jack Robson and Brenda Crooks three year terms of office have been completed. All have been proposed and seconded to stand for a further three year period. There were no proposals from the floor. All re-elected.

        With no further proposals from the floor all Trustees continue in office.

        In response to a question from the floor: How many Trustees does the Society have?

        Four Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer

        Trustees: No less than six and no more than 10

        Co-options: No more than three


  1. Any Other Business

        Jonathan White (Vice President) thanked the Society for their hard work and Jim Robinson in particular for the huge amount he does for the village. Jonathan also remarked on the success of the Environment Group.


The AGM was concluded at 7.58 p.m



Chairman’s Report: Annual General Meeting (AGM) September 17th 2020

Well, this has been a very strange and surreal 6 months or so and let’s hope the present difficulties will subside in the not too distant future and we can start to get back to some degree of normality. Like many other organisations we have had to cancel many events and activities including our Annual General Meeting, 7 Members Meetings, a Concert, our Summer trip, 2 Fayres, our Environment Weekend…..the list goes on ! Still, thanks to your ongoing support we continue to thrive and l’m looking forward to the next 12 months of the Society continuing to do its bit for the Village. Lets take a look back at what we have been up to since our AGM in May last year, just in a series of bullet points and not in any particular order:

  • Our President Baroness Betty Lockwood died in April last her wonderful memorial service at St Peters Church was held in July.
  • Don Barrett took over Betty’s role as Society President with Jonathan White as our Vice President. I was personally delighted that both Don and Jonathan agreed to do take up these roles.
  • Under our Community Awards scheme we helped fund some long overdue repair work to paving at Addingham Bowling Club. We also agreed to donate £600 to the Scouts to assist them with a trip to Kandersteg, in Switzerland.….. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled due to COVID-19 but the money has been set aside for when the trip eventually takes place.
  • Another hugely successful Autumn Fayre event took place in October last year,
  • You will all remember the now famous ‘Crayke Cottage timbers’ discovered on Sugar Hill. The Society funded the expert analysis and ‘dating’ of them and thanks must go to Arnold Pacey for his efforts with this project.
  • We had to change the date of our 2019 Christmas party due to the General Election ! Despite this setback it was still a huge success !
  • We acquired another old BT kiosk at SmallBanks on Cocking Lane and installed a defibrillator.
  • Another brilliant Arnold Pacey book about old houses in the Village was released along with a lovely re-print of a 1974 publication marking the centenary of the First School
  • The Jennings Family were presented with our prestige Civic Pride Award and well deserved too.
  • We secured an Asset of Community Value order on the The Crown Public House and we are still closely following developments regarding its sale.
  • We secured 1st prize in the Yorkshire and Humberside Association of Civic Society’s annual Peter Spawforth awards for our work with the young people in the Community. Good effort Hon Secretary !  Our trophy is now on display in The Hub.
  • A new Village Group was set up ‘Arts at Addingham’ with help and support from the Society, unfortunately the ‘lockdown’ put a hold on a range of planned events and activities.
  • BBC1’s programme ‘The Repair Shop’ came to the Village unfortunately none of the wonderful items brought actually made it onto the show…. ! Even our ‘’Crayke Cottage Timbers’ missed out !
  • Our recently formed Heritage Group has an amazing online Photo Archive, please check it out at

Thanks to Don, Mike Bolton and the rest of the team for their hard work.

  • Our new Pétanque Court was officially opened in February this year. Problems associated with the siting of seating kindly donated by Harry Jevons, is rumbling on.
  • We were proud to be heavily involved in the launch of the Village’s COVID-19 Support Group….which has supported many residents in the Community.
  • Restored both the wooden framed Village maps and ‘refurbished’ 4 Village mileposts and 1 Village boundary post
  • From time to time we do get very generous offers of cash donations, so we thought we would launch our very own online donations page to cover these instances:

  • Our Environment Groups excellent work in and around the Village just goes on and on under the leadership of Rick Battarbee and now with over 200 volunteers to call upon I’m sure they will go from strength to strength. Recently they ran a very successful photographic competition and check out the new iWharfe project. If you want to find out more then see their website:
  • Activity on the Villages Neighbourhood Plan has gone very quiet of late for the reasons we all know about. Things will start to pick up again soon, I have no doubt.


That’s about it I reckon, it just leaves me to express my gratitude to all our members for their support over the last 16 months or so and long may that support continue. You are all stars, thankyou.

I had better just thank my fellow Trustees as well, they are not a bad crowd.

This report along with the other papers from the AGM will be posted on our website and for our most recent members if you want to learn a bit more about any of the activities and projects mentioned above then just let me know.

Jim Robinson


01943 831476.

07824 310508.

17th of September 2020.


Statement of the Society’s Assets: as at 31st of March 2020 (end of Financial Year 

  • New ViewSonic Projector and cables
  • Old laptop and bag
  • Old Dell projector
  • Saville Falcon OHP
  • Audio Technical microphone kit
  • Bogey amplifier and speaker
  • Computer/projector stand
  • White board stand
  • Folding display boards and bag
  • Spring/Autumn Fayre banner
  • Two ‘Society’ banners
  • Framed record sleeve donated by David Harrison
  • Cable covers and 4 way adaptor
  • First Aid box and contents
  • 2 cork pin boards
  • Wooden duck, display box and Society cloth
  • Miscellaneous bits and bobs including ‘catering’ items and 15 matching table cloths
  • Miscellaneous gift cards
  • Quantity of hi-viz jackets
  • Miscellaneous Xmas decorations and bunting
  • Books, notelets and dvd’s in hand at estimated market value of £200
  • 2 Village Maps with external wooden frames
  • Pétanque Court
  • Finally, 14 Blue Plaques that are wholly or partly owned by the Society, 1 Bronze special WW1 plaque located on the Village’s War Memorial and 4 Medieval timbers from Crayke Cottage, Sugar Hill !



Financial Reports


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