Best Kept Village Award….

The Best Kept Village Award is in the form of an ornate ‘post’ (for the want of a better word !) on a slightly elevated site at the bottom of Old Station Way. Well, it desperately needs some TLC so we plan to undertake this work in the Spring. Up until a year or so ago there was a wooden bench in front of the award which sadly lost its battle with the elements and was removed by the Parish Council. To coincide with our refurbishment plans we are delighted to report that a replacement wooden bench is to be donated by residents, Lesley and Clive Loughlin. The bench will be in memory of Lesley’s Mum who sadly died in May last year. The Society has of course secured the necessary permissions from the Parish Council.

Here is a super photo of the Award and the original bench which was taken back in 1997 when the Village won the competition.

Addingham Civic Society