The Neighbourhood Plan: a quick update.

Bradford Council Planning Officers attended the Neighbourhood Plan review group on 12th February to report on the Council’s consultation on Addingham’s Neighbourhood Plan. The comments are still being collated and will be published on Bradford’s website. In the meantime the Council is in the process of engaging an independent planning inspector to review the plan, before it can go to a village referendum. The expectation is that the referendum will be held in the summer.
Last month we mentioned that Bradford Council was consulting on its plans to carry out a ‘partial review’ of the development plan’s ‘Core Strategy’. This was termed a ‘scoping’ consultation setting out what will be reviewed and what technical assessments will be carried out. This Consultation closed on the 22nd February. The Society submitted its comments and if you want to read these then please contact the Chairman. Thanks.

Neighbourhood Plan: Update February 2019

Bradford Council’s consultation on Addingham’s draft Neighbourhood  Development Plan closed on 16 January. The Council will collate comments received. The Neighbourhood Plan Review Group will be meeting on 12 February and hopes to have Bradford Council’s report on the consultation by then. The next step in the process will be for Bradford to appoint an independent planning inspector to review the plan, before it goes to referendum.

In the meantime Bradford Council is currently consulting on plans for a ‘Partial Review’ of the district wide development plan’s ‘Core Strategy’. The Core Strategy, which sets out planning policy until 2030 was adopted in July 2017, but the Council says key policies need to be reviewed now as there have been changes in the government’s national planning policy together with local policy. The review will focus on three areas re-assessing housing requirements and numbers; employment needs and land requirement and re-assessing the case for release of land from the Green Belt and changing Green Belt boundaries.
The Council term this a ‘scoping’ consultation setting out what will be reviewed and the technical assessments which will be carried out. The closing date for comments is 22 February at 5 pm. The documents and comment form can be found on Bradford’s website:

The Society’s response to the latest Regulation 16 Consultation


                                                          4 Springfield Mount     



                                                          West Yorkshire

                                                          LS29 0JB



Private and Confidential.

Planning Department

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Jacob’s Well

Nelson Street

Bradford BD1 5RW


Date: 4th of January 2019.


For the attention of Andrew Marshall Planning and Transport Strategy Manager.


Dear Mr Marshall


Re: Bradford Council Regulation 16 Consultation for Addingham’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan.


Addingham Civic Society is a thriving, and active Village organisation with 400 members. It is an important voice in the Village. The Board of Trustees of the Society wish to make the following comments:


  1. We strongly support the plan’s vision, objectives and policies for the village and surrounding countryside.


  1. Addingham is located in an environmentally sensitive part of the Wharfe Valley. It adjoins the Nidderdale AONB and is less than a kilometre from the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The River Wharfe green infrastructure corridor runs through the Parish on the northern boundary of the village, and virtually all of the Parish is within the 2.5km foraging habitat protection zone for the South Pennine Moors or the North Pennine Moors Special Protection Area, qualifying species. The quality and character of the landscape setting is strongly evidenced in the Landscape Character Assessment of the Neighbourhood Plan Area commissioned by our Parish Council. The Parish also has a significant number of built heritage assets, with a large Conservation Area.


  1. We also strongly support the Local Green Space Designations in Policy ANDP11. The preferred options plan community consultation demonstrated overwhelming support for this policy, which was based on detailed assessments against NPPF criteria of the special qualities of these sites and their significance and value to the local community. The Civic Society’s Environment Group with a membership of over 100 volunteers played a major role in co-ordinating this work. The Group includes a range of ecological and environmental specialists and is headed up by Professor Rick Battarbee a leading authority on Environmental Change.


  1. The Neighbourhood Plan Forum carried out detailed work on housing site assessments. The housing site allocations at the preferred options plan stage were presented to the village in a comprehensive exhibition, receiving strong support from the local community. The Trustees regret that our Parish Council decided to exclude the housing allocations from the Plan prior to the local Regulation 14 Consultation. We consider that this has weakened the plan although we do welcome the general housing Policy ANDP1, supporting the use of small infill sites. All the community consultations carried out during the preparation of the plan showed a clear preference for small infill developments rather than larger sites.


  1. Finally, we believe that although the housing allocations have been excluded from Addingham’s Neighbourhood Plan it is essential that the current Draft Plan progresses through its remaining stages and is adopted at local referendum. This will ensure that any new small scale development is of high, sustainable quality and will not detract from the significant environmental and landscape value of the Neighbourhood Plan area.


Yours faithfully

Malcolm R Keeble


Addingham Civic Society




Addingham Civic Society