AGM May 2019 Documents

Documents for AGM on 16thMay 2019


            Annual General Meeting
      Thursday 16th of May 2019 @ 7.30pm.
            Addingham Memorial Hall
  1. Chairman’s Welcome and Apologies


  1. To approve the minutes of the AGM held on the 17th May 2018    


  1. To receive a report from the Trustees: Chairman Jim Robinson      


  1. To receive Audited Accounts and Treasurers’ Report: Treasurer Ann Austin             


  1. To receive nominations for the Officers of the Society and make the appointments.
        Hon. Chairman

        Hon. Vice Chairman
        Hon. Secretary
        Hon. Treasurer

      6.  To receive nominations for the Trustees of the Society and make the appointments.
       7.  Any other business

Addingham Civic Society
 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Thursday 17th May 2018
Venue: Addingham Memorial Hall


1.       Chairman’s welcome and Apologies. 
Jim Robinson opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

  • Jim Robinson (Chair), Ann Austin, Gill Battarbee, Ken Birch, Brenda Crooks, Sue Hunter, Malcolm Keeble, Lynda Robinson, Richard Walton and Ian Drysdale as Chairman of the Finance Committee.

There were a sufficient number of members in attendance (65) for the AGM to be quorate.
Formal apologies: Alan and Linda Davies, Mike and Shirley Bolton and Jayne Hood.
The relevant papers for the AGM were sent to Members in advance of the AGM, with the May Newsletter.

2.           Minutes of AGM held on the 18th May 2017 and any matters arising. 
There were no matters arising.
Minutes Proposed and Seconded from membership present at the meeting.
Unanimously agreed by the members present.

3.           Chairman’s Review of the Year
The Chairman outlined the Society’s highlights since last year’s AGM, in no particular order:

  • The Environment Group has gone from strength to strength – with thanks to Rick Battarbee and his team of hard working volunteers.
  • 3 new blue plaques – High Mill Close, Penny Hole, Low Mill and Bridge 55 on Back Beck Lane.
  • Acquisition of our very own BT Telephone Kiosk: officially opened last month.
  • There have been 10 Members Meetings and a Christmas Party.
  • For the first time we launched a range of Society Christmas Cards.
  • We held 2 successful Fayres– Spring and Autumn. This gave a significant boost to our finances, with the Spring Fayre this year breaking all records. Thanks to Diana Keeble for organising.
  • Village Newsletters: September last year and February this year –  distributed around the village by volunteers. In conjunction with the Parish Council.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan made good progress (Parish Council,  Village residents and the Society): culminating in the Village Consultation Event at the beginning of May.
  • Summer Trip: Visit to Samlesbury Hall and then a canal boat trip from Barton Grange.
  • Continued to support other Clubs and Societies.
  • Our latest Publication by Don Barrett: Walks around Addingham.
  • Updated our Website.
  • Launched our Village Community Awards Scheme with 3 organisations benefiting to date.
  • Bestowed 4 Honorary Life Membership Awards (sadly one recipient Jane Scott died last month)
  • Civic Pride Awards: Don Barrett in Sept last year and Sue Ross this month plus one more to follow later in the year.
  • We attend Civic Voice’s National Meetings of large Civic Societies.
  • All going well in the next couple of months we will reach  400 Members. This is more than 10% of the the Village’s population, the second largest Society in Yorkshire.
  • With our growth in membership numbers in the last 8/9 months we held a new Members evening at the end of last month.
  • We have just released our GDPR Data Privacy Policy.

4.           Finance report
Audited accounts and Treasurer’s report had been circulated with the May Members Newsletter. There were no matters arising.
The proposal is that the accounts be agreed as presented.
Accounts Proposed and Seconded from membership present at the meeting.
Unanimously agreed in favour by the members present.

5.           Trustee Nominations                                                              
Lynda Robinson stood down as Honorary Secretary and Trustee. The Chairman thanked Lynda  for her hard work over the last 2 years.
There were no nominations received for any of the Officers roles.
Gill Battarbee (Joint Treasurer Trustee) agreed to take over as Honorary Secretary.
Ann Austin had  previously shared the role of Treasurer with Gill, she agreed to take over the role as Treasurer in her own right.
There was one new Trustee nomination. Ian Drysdale was proposed as a Trustee in the role of Financial Advisor.
Gill, Ann and Ian’s nominations had all been proposed and seconded.
The appointments were agreed unanimously by the members present.
The Chairman and Vice Chairman along with the remaining existing trustees all agreed to stand again and were re-elected unanimously by the members present.
6.           Any Other Business
The Chairman thanked Ian Drysdale and Peter Mirfin for all their hard work on the Finance Committee.
Thanks were also given to all the Society’s members for their help and support.
Don Barrett gave a vote of thanks for the Society.
The minutes will be uploaded onto the Society’s website once approved at the May 2019, AGM.
The AGM was concluded at 8 p.m.

Statement of the Society’s Assets: as at 31st of March 2019 (end of Financial Year)
• Acer laptop and bag
• Dell projector
• Saville Falcon OHP
• Audio Technical microphone kit
• Bogey amplifier and speaker
• Computer/projector stand
• White board stand
• Folding display boards and bag
• Spring/Autumn Fayre banner
• Two ‘Society’ banners
• Framed record sleeve donated by David Harrison
• Cable covers and 4 way adaptor
• First Aid box and contents
• 2 cork pin boards
• Wooden duck, display box and Society cloth
• Misc bits and bobs including ‘catering’ items and 15 matching table cloths
• Misc gift cards
• Quantity of hi-viz jackets
• Misc Xmas decorations and bunting
• Books, notelets and dvd’s in hand at estimated market value of £350
Finally, 14 Blue Plaques that are wholly or partly owned by the Society. In addition 1 Bronze special WW1 plaque located on the Village’s War Memorial.
Financial Reports

Addingham COVID-19 Support Group

The Civic Society, Good Neighbours and the Parish Council are still working together to offer help to any Addingham household that needs support due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

We have over 100 volunteers and can offer shopping, errands, dog walking, lawn cutting, gardening, posting parcels, prescription collection, cheque exchange for cash and very importantly telephone befriending. 

Just call 07470 537421 and leave a message

Or email

The Society’s Annual General Meeting

Held on the 17th of September via the video conferencing application Zoom, over 40 members got on-line to take part….and it went pretty well. Two new Trustees (Margaret Keating and Roger Seddon) were voted in. Margaret is our Membership Secretary with Roger taking on the daunting task as our ‘Legal Advisor’. Only Richard Walton’s 3 year tenure as one of the current batch of Trustees was up, and he got the ‘nod ‘as well. We were delighted to welcome to the team Mike Williams, as a co-opted Trustee, and he comes  with an impeccable Financial pedigree. We took the opportunity to update our Constitution and whilst these changes were important they didn’t really excite any of the attendees ! The important matter of our Financial Year end (31st of March) Accounts we’re presented and approved unanimously. The highlight was a Powerpoint Presentation showcasing the Society’s previous 12 months ‘in pictures’. It complimented our Chairman’s otherwise somewhat mundane annual review….only joking Jim.

So, all our hard work in preparing the Society’s first ever (and hopefully the last) ‘virtual’ AGM was certainly worth it with the proceedings passing smoothly.

Thanks to those of you who ‘attended’ and roll on next year !

Clarke Foley Vouchers

An important message from Lisle Richardson, Secretary of the Clarke Foley Addingham Trust:

The Clarke Foley Addingham Trust has decided to postpone the voucher distribution planned for  Tuesday November 17th  due the Covid 19 restrictions. The annual distribution of vouchers for 2020 will take place as soon as practical once the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted’.

The Governments White Paper on Planning

The Government has recently decided on a fundamental overhaul of the planning system, launching a 3 month Public Consultation on 6 August, seeking comments on its outline proposals. Behind this is a desire to see 300,000 houses for purchase to be constructed annually (currently 241,000) with 1 million to be completed by the next general election. Few people with experience of the current system would deny that change is needed. However there is deep concern as to whether this is the right time and also the extent and nature of the proposed changes.

The present system for housing delivery is based on Local Plans which take many years to complete. The proposal is to streamline this process to a maximum of 30 months and use a “zonal system” to determine where development should or should not take place. It is implied there will be more meaningful public input at the Local Plan Stage but less opportunity to object to individual planning applications when they are lodged. There will also be a digitalisation of the planning process with information accessed on mobile devices rather than attached to lampposts and on display in libraries (for larger proposals).

Members of the Society met with our local MP Robbie Moore recently and the new planning proposals formed part of the discussion. He recognised the strength of Addingham Civic Society on planning / environmental issues and agreed that local input was fundamental both at Local Plan Stage and with Neighbourhood Plans which can play a key role locally. 

The Society is currently analysing the proposals and will be responding formally to the Consultation. We have gained a lot of knowledge and experience through input into our Bradford Local Plan and the more recent Neighbourhood Plan. We are well placed to make a constructive and informed response and will keep Members informed of progress and our general conclusions.

Primary School wetland nature reserve

Over the last few weeks the Environment Group has re-started work on the Primary School wetland nature reserve.  The project was in full swing in March earlier this year when it had to be abandoned due to the covid lockdown. 

The plot of land is in the north-east corner of the school grounds and was formerly used, when the school was a Middle School, for high jumping and long jumping.  After clearing patches of brambles and removing buried pieces of astroturf and concrete, contractors were brought in to create a series of wetland hollows of different depths. 

During the lockdown period the hollows became overgrown so our volunteers have been clearing them.  Two will become permanent ponds.  The liner for the bigger of the two has just been installed and the basin should fill with rainwater over the coming months.  A little more work is needed but everything will now be ready for the children to plant wetland wildflowers, such as meadowsweet and yellow flag, in the hollows next spring.  Eventually the pond should support populations of frogs, newts and dragonfly nymphs.  This wetland reserve will not only add to our village wildlife but also become an important resource for learning, young (and old).

Addingham COVID-19 Support Group

Everything has been very quiet for a few of weeks now, so we are beginning to look to the future. 
Lockdown has eased, shops are opening, those who have been shielding have a new timetable and Boris has changed the 2 metre rule. Some of our volunteers have been recalled to work and some residents are now confident enough to do their own shopping.
The Support Group is still helping lots of people, but we know that numbers will eventually decrease and our group will no longer be needed. When we reach that point we will give plenty of notice and no one should worry because our good friends at Addingham Good Neighbours will continue to support anyone who needs help. At the moment we are doing a bit of long term planning so that we can ensure the group could be brought back into action quickly and efficiently should it be needed in the future. Let’s hope not !
In the meantime you might like to see what the group has been getting up to:

  • 33 Volunteers hand delivered 1,600 Information leaflets.
  • 1 Volunteer designed a secure database for all the information.
  • 3 Volunteers wrote and updated guidelines.
  • 4 Volunteers handle all incoming communications.
  • 2 Volunteers allocate all support and liaise with individuals.
  • 144 Volunteers are offering practical support, such as shopping, errands, dog-walking, gardening etc.
  • 23 Volunteers are offering Telephone Befriending.  
  • 5 Volunteers (Addingham First Responders) are offering prescription collection and delivery.
  • 2 Volunteers offer occasional prescription delivery from beyond Addingham.
  • 3 Volunteers made 3 paper patterns for scrubs.
  • 4 Volunteers made Scrubs for Addingham Health Centre.
  • 3 Volunteers made contact with shielded residents.
  • 12 people researched the need for an Addingham Fresh Food Bank.
  • 34 cheques have been exchanged for cash.
  • Ramon’s prints have been gifted to volunteers and clients.                
  • Transport has been provided for a key worker.
  • Many dogs have been walked many miles.
  • Many lawns have been cut.
  • And gardens have been gardened!!

And finally a quick word from Diana Keeble at Addingham Good Neighbours.
‘If you are volunteering and enjoying the role you might be interested in joining Addingham Good Neighbours. We would love to hear from you. Just give me a call on 01943 839425. Thanks.’


Our Environment Group’s Photography Competition

The response to our decision to hold a wildlife photo competition during the lockdown has been splendid with over 150 pictures being submitted by the 31st of May deadline.
The competition was designed to help our members through a very difficult period and at the same time take advantage of everyone’s enforced free time to start building a photo archive of village wildlife. The theme was “Spring” and entries were invited under seven categories: Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Other animals, Wildflowers, Landscape and Photos from Children (aged 11 and under).
 The winning picture of the “butterfly” category chosen by judge Diane Morris was taken by Mel Taylor and this picture went on to become the overall winner, judged by John Fontana and Harry Jevons.  Diane commented “the photo shows the butterfly’s mottled green underwings with a hint of orange on the upper wing to identify it as a male, and captures it taking nectar from ladies smock, it’s main foodplant”.  A delighted Mel said “I’m grinning from ear to ear – not something that has happened much in recent months”
The “birds” category was won by Anne Hodgson with a picture of a grey heron on the River Wharfe above High Mill.  Judge Chris Acomb liked its composition, particularly the diagonal of the ‘log perch’ against the upright position of the heron. The winning “bees” photo of a tree bumblebee was taken by Ian Benson.  Judge Maurice White admired its balance of colour and shade with the tones of the bee in clear natural light. 
The “other animals” category attracted a diverse range of entries including roe deer, frogs and mating hedgehogs.  The winner was Mary Jenner’s picture of a frog in a garden pond.  The category was judged by Jan Hindle who commented “the viewer’s attention is drawn immediately to the eye of the frog at the centre of the photograph and the close image allows us to appreciate the textures, particularly of the frog’s skin”

There were over thirty pictures submitted in the “wildflower” category.  Choosing a winner was consequently difficult, but judges Nicky Vernon and Heather Burrow picked out a photo of a wood avens flower by Don Barrett as the winner.  They remarked “the photo is beautifully crisp, nicely lit and interesting. You can even see the shadows of the stamens on two of the petals. It repays study, and tells you all you need to know about a Geum flower”.
The “children’s” category was also well-subscribed with pictures of wildflowers, butterflies, and landscapes, but the winning entry, by seven-year old Evelyn Klatt, was of a “little brown mouse” captured close to the Saw Mill Pond footpath.  Head judges John Fontana and Harry Jevons also judged the children’s category.  John said that with children as young as five in the competition, rather than technical skills, they were looking for photos that most portrayed wild life in its natural environment, and where images were composed in a way that made the subject stand out.

 “Landscape” was the most popular category, such that judge Geraldine Thompson opted to declare three joint winners.  The rules for this category required pictures to be taken of landscapes within the parish boundaries or seen from within parish boundaries.  Mike Valiant’s picture of the moon indeed followed the rules!  Geraldine commented “an unusual and striking image of tremendous contrast between the cool crisp clarity of the moon’s surface and the deep impenetrable indigo blue of the mysteries of limitless space beyond”.  On Debs Griffiths’ picture she remarked “a rare and serendipitous opportunity to capture the extraordinary dramatic colourful light at early dawn during a narrow timeline in the short life of the cherry blossom” and on the third joint winner by John Fontana she said “this is a quintessentially Addingham spring scene familiar to local walkers”.
In addition to the eight winning entries there were 40 pictures highly commended by the judges.  These can be seen on the Environment Group’s website:  The Environment Group wishes to thank everyone for their entries and thanks especially the judges for their help, thoughtful judging and constructive comments.   There may well be another competition next year, lockdown or no lockdown.

New Swift and Bat groups

We have well established groups for monitoring our village birds, butterflies and bees.  We now have a bat group and a swift group.

 Co-ordinator  for the Bat Group Pam Wells writes:
“The Bat Group is a new departure for Addingham, my partner Malcolm and myself. We have lived in the village for some time and each year during the summer months, have seen bats flitting amongst the trees in the dusk. Our greater interest began after meeting Maggie Brown from the West Yorkshire Bat Group at the AEG’s annual environment weekend in the Memorial Hall last year.
 During the last few months Malcolm has been involved in local wildlife surveys, and it was during a conversation with Rick that Malcolm and I agreed to form a local bat group on the clear understanding that we are not experts – far from it –  but we are learning as much as we can with a great deal of welcome advice from Maggie, a real bat expert in Otley.
We have been delighted by the response to the group and it is encouraging to discover the amount of interest and potential involvement of so many people. Hopefully, before too long, we will be able to meet together and discuss how we would like the group to progress.
Meanwhile, Malcolm has put together an interactive map on which we’re recording our sightings, just click on this link–Jww_QYlzARszD4g6DNQ0sGe_&usp=sharing. Why not join us in the group so that we can add your sightings? It doesn’t matter at all if you don’t know the species, every record is immensely valuable in helping us to build a picture of our local bat population.
I am learning as much as I can about bats in general. In July we will be getting our bat detector and aim to visit various bat haunts as indicated by the map and discover the different species we have in the locality. We’d love to hear from you if you would like to join the group, just drop an email to and we’ll be in touch”
“Our wonderful bat photograph is from”

 We also have a new Swift Group co-ordinated by Jessica Penrose.
Every spring we look forward to the return of our swifts.  They were back from Africa on schedule this year at the beginning of May.  Hopefully they are now having a successful breeding season here in the village.  Nationally swifts have declined by about 50% since 1995 so we need to do all we can to take care of our Addingham populations for the relatively short time they are with us.
One of the most important things is to make sure their regular nesting sites are available when they return and are then not disturbed during the nesting season.  But where are the sites?  We know there are some nests in the eaves in Victoria Terrace but we’d like to identify all the others.  If you’re interested in swifts and would like to help please email and we’ll put you in touch with Jess.

A new Village Website for the Cyclists

I have been cycling both on-road and off-road around Addingham, and have come across many wonderful rides with incredible views. Doing some of these rides during the lockdown I began to wonder how many people, both from Addingham and outside of the village, were aware of them. I thought why not put some of these rides on a web site to share with anyone who is interested. Hence  came into being. A lockdown project to keep me occupied and entertained. Currently there are only two short rides on the site but I have many others, some much longer, which I will continue to add as and when I have the time. All rides start and finish in the centre of the village at the Swan. Each route has photographs from the ride, a textual description, and a GPX file for those using the technology. I hope you enjoy these routes as much as I do.”

A walk to stretch your legs.

Thanks to one of our members Malcolm Secrett for putting together this walk. It’s a tough one and the stretch up Turner Lane will certainly get your heart pumping ! Malcolm reckons around 2 hours.

For those of you with a smart phone then don’t forget to download this map and take it with you as you can ‘tap’ on one of the hot spots and it will show you where they are on Google maps ! Now, with ‘location’ enabled Google maps will also show you where you are too ! I don’t suppose you will get lost on this walk but it’s a bit of fun !

These ‘Hotspots’ work on a mobile phone but you are unlikely to get them to work on your laptop or tablet but this doesn’t detract from an excellent walk !

Click here to view the 16-4 Exercise Walk in larger scale PDF

Spread a Little Happiness

We have created a short video of our very own Hilary Thomas (Addingham Vocal Days and much more !) singing ‘Spread a little Happiness’…..just to cheer us all up a little, during these difficult times.
There is much going on in this wonderful Village of ours and a real Community spirit and Hilary just wanted to make a small contribution herself.
Well done Hilary.

Click on this link below for a charming 2 minute video on YouTube and sing along (and it’s only available via this link) :

The Addingham COVID-19 Support Group is here to support you.

Hello Civic Society Members, are you making use of the support that is on offer for you?

If you, your family, friends or neighbours need any support just ring either of these numbers 01943 831758  or  07470 537421 . Don’t worry if no one answers just leave a message. 

Alternatively, if you use email, you could send a message to us at

This isn’t just for those who are termed medically “vulnerable”, it’s support for anyone who needs it, or even for some who don’t think they need it! It’s a way to avoid everyday things that we normally take for granted like popping to the supermarket or calling in for a newspaper, things that in the current pandemic are risky for a lot of us.  We all know we can cope by ourselves but at the moment that might not be the best thing to do.

For the last month well over a hundred fantastic Addingham volunteers have been shopping, delivering prescriptions, walking dogs, cutting lawns, collecting newspapers and much more.

It works like this:

  • You ring either of these numbers, 01943 831758  or  07470 537421 and if no one answers leave a message
  • We will ring you back to see how we can help
  • We then allocate one volunteer to you
  • The two of you then keep in touch, you just let the volunteer know when you need something.

It’s as easy as that!

We can also set up someone just to ring you for a chat if you like and if you run out of cash we can handle that too, it’s not a problem.

Here are some of the lovely comments we’ve had so far:

What an operation you are running – it’s brilliant!”

“My volunteer brought me an Easter Egg on Easter Sunday!”

 “It’s very reassuring to know that there is someone local she can call on while we are so far away.”

 “Our volunteer has made a brilliant start.”

 “The system works like a dream.”

 “Our volunteer has already proved worth more than her weight in gold! We are very pleased.”

 “As well as shopping I’ll check with her at least once a week if I don’t hear from her as she’s all alone.”

 “I mowed her grass on Wednesday and have arranged to go back in a couple of weeks.”

 “She lives down the road but I had never spoken to her before – she has been so helpful.”

 We have lots of volunteers who are waiting for a call so Do Get In Touch with us.

In addition a couple of weeks ago we sent out an email about the current crisis and the support that is available in the Village and this has been reproduced below for those of you without access to email:

If you are 70+ there are volunteers from the Addingham COVID-19 Support Group waiting to help you.

 If you are 70+ we are encouraging you to stay safe by requesting a volunteer who will do your shopping for you.

The research clearly shows that shopping is one of the riskiest things we can do at the moment. However well organised the shop or supermarket is, the risk is high. 

The research also shows how vulnerable the older generation is to this virus.

 Lots of us who are over 70 are fit and able, feel quite confident to go the shops and don’t want to put on anyone, and some of us are even shopping for others, but we really are the people who should be asking for a volunteer and encouraging others to do the same.

Many folk have family members, neighbours and friends who are helping out with shopping. However if those generous people are themselves over 70 they are putting themselves at risk. Please do ask for a volunteer.

In Addingham we have a fantastic group of volunteers who are ready and able to do our shopping and errands for us. Don’t hesitate to ask. The number to contact is at the end of this article.

So where did all these volunteers come from?

In the middle of March representatives from the Parish Council, Good Neighbours and the Civic Society met to discuss how they could work together to support Addingham residents through the COVID-19 crisis. Within a week an email address and telephone number were made available for requests for help or offers of help, a leaflet was prepared, and a volunteer system set up.

Since then the Support Group has had a fantastic response and now has 150 + volunteers, many of whom are supporting residents with shopping, errands, prescriptions, dog walking, telephone calls and much more. With huge thanks to the Clarke Foley Trust we can even help with purchases if your cash supply runs out.

 We have the capacity to help many more residents so we seriously encourage you to take advantage of this local support scheme by giving us a call on:

 01943 831758  or 07470 537421  or email at

Society Events/Meetings

Just to confirm that all Society events and Meetings have been cancelled until further notice. We will of course notify you of the new date for the rearranged AGM as soon as we can. We had to cancel our Wharfedale Male Voice Choir Concert scheduled to take place at Mount Hermon in March and there is still a ticket holder who has not come forward for a refund ! Please contact our Secretary Gill on 01943 839792 and she will sort it out. Thanks.

Financial Year End figures: 31st of March 2020.

Whilst the Society’s Annual General Meeting scheduled to take place on the 21st of this month has been postponed, we have of course still produced our Annual Finance Report as at the 31st of March. This report has been audited and signed off by the Society’s Trustees and will be distributed along with the other meeting papers when the AGM is rearranged.

Addingham Civic Society