Members Monthly Zoom Meeting Thursday 20th May at 7.30 pm

As you will see we have a change to our published Speaker this month. We are grateful to Pauline for standing in at short notice. The subject of her presentation sounds fascinating and hopefully she will get a good turn out.
Pauline’s presentation will start immediately after our Annual General Meeting and please see below:

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

As notified in your April Newsletter our AGM will take place via Zoom on the 20th of May at 7.30pm.
Because of the current restrictions there will NOT of course be a ‘physical’ meeting this year, therefore you will need access to the internet in order to ‘attend’. To be quorate under the terms of our Constitution, we need at least 40 members to ‘attend’ our AGM. Based on previous years we anticipate that the AGM will take approximately 20mins or so.
Howeverif you cannot join our Zoom AGM meeting you will still be able to exercise your vote and raise any questions, see below.

Our latest Publication

Our President Don Barrett has been busy again, with another brilliant book:
Cotton to Wood – One Addingham mill and its people, 1795-2001

“The Addingham Sawmill closed in 2001 after having been run by the Brear family for 140 years, but it was built as a cotton spinning mill by Anthony Fentiman in 1795, hence the title.
My new book tells the story of the mill, the people who worked there, what they did, what equipment they used and what the mill produced in both its phases.
There is considerable emphasis on the people and the families, much of the information coming from the four-times-great-grandson of Fentiman and many members of the extensive Brear family.
The book is illustrated with photos from Brear family albums along with others taken of the mill building while it was working, after it closed and during its demolition. Following this, the present housing was built and the mill dam (‘duck pond’) was reinstated.

Village Photography Competition.

Following on from the success of the 2020 Environment Group Photo Competition, we are planning a repeat of this popular event.
The wildlife categories are:

  • Bees and hoverflies (any kind)
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • All other animals including mammals, amphibians, fish and other invertebrates
  • Wildflowers
  • Landscape of views within the parish or seen from the parish.

In all of these, except for cropping, digital adjustments should not be made since we don’t want misrepresentations of nature; these pictures will be kept and held in the village archive for future reference.
Each entry must have

  • Name of the photographer
  • Category
  • Age, if 11 or under
  • Date of picture (must be taken in 2021)
  • Precise location of subject (address, geographic description, or grid reference)
  • Picture title (including species name/s and/or geographic features.

This year, there will be two extra categories:

  • Addingham – our village
  • Creative

The Addingham category is meant to show off the village with reference to its buildings, village events and its people (though please get permission from any persons before sending in your images). Digital manipulation to a degree is acceptable, but please try to remember this category is essentially documentary.
Creative gives free reign to your artistic side. Anything goes, provided a camera was used at some stage in the process, including all types of digital software, to realise your masterpiece!
As last year, there will be a separate competition for children aged 11 years or under. There are no categories here – we just want to see your favourite shots, but please include the same entrant details.
The closing date for submissions is 29/5/2021 and images should be submitted to
There will be prizes for the winner of each category, and another for an overall winner judged to be ‘best in show’!
Good luck

Members Monthly Meeting Thursday 16th April at 7.30pm

Change of Speaker….

Now, John Fontana’s photography talk ‘The Unforgiving Camera’ sounds fascinating and just a tad intriguing. Thanks John for standing in at short notice…..
Some of these images were a bit hard to look at. This presentation showed what emotions a good photographer can bring out.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

As notified in last month’s Newsletter this year’s AGM will take place on the 20th of May at 7.30pm, immediately before our Speaker. Like last year it will take place via Zoom.

Members who wish to view the documents or propose or second new  Trustees/Officers will find all the details in their newsletters.

Bradford’s Local Plan

Following the detailed update given in last month’s Newsletter regarding Bradford Council’s Draft Local Plan Regulation 18 (2020-2038) we can confirm that we submitted our detailed response on the 24th of March. Our Planning team have undertaken a phenomenal amount of work pulling the response together particularly in the light of a very tight timescale for submission. As always we had the interests of the Village at heart in the preparation of the response and you can read all 24 pages (!) on our website by clicking on the link below:

Environmental Weekend for Addingham, Self-guided Walks May 15th and 16th

Following the disappointment of our cancelled Environment Weekend last year the Environment Group has planned an alternative for this year. In order to stay safe we are organising some self-guided walks in the village. The walks will pick up a range of points of interest that link to our environmental themes of Biodiversity, Zero Carbon, Zero Waste and Sustainable Water. 

You will be able to design your own route to cover all the points that interest you. Here is an early draft of one of our maps to illustrate the idea.

There will be three outdoor “hubs” at which someone will be available with information and a display, and at some of the points of interest there will be activities. We are delighted that St Peters has agreed for us to use the Church Field as one of the Hubs and we will be inviting families to end their walk in the field and, weather permitting, bring their own picnic.

There will be a map leaflet available closer to the weekend but if you own a smart phone or tablet all the information will available on our website and the points of interest will each have its own QR code linking to further information. And finally, but most importantly everything is being planned to take account of Covid safety.
So do put the dates in your diary 15th and 16th May and look out for further information.



A brilliant Bird Sightings Report from Chris Acomb (for the period January – March 2021)

This year we got off to another good start with bird sightings.  To date we have had 61 species of birds reported from in and around Addingham. There are still a few records to be collated, so the question is will we beat last year’s count of 61 species? The Great British Garden Bird watch took place during the last weekend of January (29th – 31st). A number of Addingham residents sent me copies of the record they had submitted to RSPB. This helps us see the local picture. Several people continue to record their garden birds each month and send in a report of their sightings.  We have received reports of 37 different species of birds seen in the gardens of Addingham. As you would expect the commonly reported birds were: Bluetits (14 gardens), Blackbirds (13) and Robin (11). It is important to record these currently common birds so we can monitor trends over years. The rarer garden bird sightings this year included:

Bullfinch                                          3 gardens          
Goldcrest                                        4 gardens
Great Spotted Woodpecker        3 gardens
Greenfinch                                     2 gardens
Lesser Red Poll                             3 gardens
Siskin                                              4 gardens
Willow warbler                              1 garden

Dales Way near Bolton Bridge

We can now report that following our correspondence with the Bolton Abbey estate, the estate has cleared a good pathway behind the mounds of earth and rubble at the side of the road just south of Bolton Bridge, as these photographs show. Dales Way walkers and other pedestrians can therefore keep safely away from road traffic. We are very pleased that the problem has been resolved before the Covid lockdown ends and the numbers of visitors increase.

We now look forward to the safety of pedestrians’ being further enhanced by the creation of a new permissive path through the roadside woodland to the north of the site, as agreed between the estate and the Dales Way Association. At present we do not know when this work will take place and we will keep you posted.

Our Speaker for February 25th

George Martin was originally from the Isle of Bute and during his 29 years service in the Royal Air Force he worked on an impressive array of aircraft: the VC10, Brittania, Belfast, Harrier, Jet Provost, Bulldog, Tucano, Canberra, Victor and finally the subject matter of his talk the Vulcan. Later he became the British Airways Chief Instructor on the Boeing 747-400. He also had careers in Training at the European Centre for Aerospace and in Bahrain.

Finally, he set up a school for Drones. That’s one impressive CV.

This was an  excellent meeting, very well presented and we were glad not to have missed it.

Once again this meeting took place virtually, via Zoom.

Our Environment Group: Village Waste.

Zero Waste Addingham is a sub group of the Society’s Environment Group.

 ‘Zero Waste’ is concerned with reducing waste of all kinds and at all stages in the production process.  It is an integral part of a shift towards a “circular economy” in which overall consumption is reduced, products are designed to be re-used or recycled and nothing ends up in landfill. As an example aluminium foil is endlessly recyclable and recycling uses only 5% of the energy it takes to produce foil from raw materials.

As a community we should all be striving to REDUCE, REUSE, and then RECYCLE as this diagram shows:

Just to remind you that there are a number of places in the village to recycle unwanted / end of life goods.



In IIkley, Milestone Design (opposite Lishmans) is a collection point for the following items: Confectionery wrappers, KP snack packets, Ella’s Kitchen pouches, cheese packaging, Baby Bel packaging, plastic can wrappers.

Bradford Council is reporting – perhaps unsurprisingly – that contamination in our bins has increased since the onset of the COVID pandemic. We need to be recycling 50% of our waste so it is important that we strive to put the right waste in the right bin. In the village we are currently recycling around 30% of waste by weight. We have, therefore, a challenge on our hands!

To remind us what we can recycle the Council has produced a sticker for our recycling bins:

Don Barrett’s Village Walks Book

Many people will be aware of Don’s excellent publication of a collection of popular circular walks from Addingham Village. For those of you who don’t already have a copy or are unaware of its availability perhaps now is the time to consider acquiring one ! We are probably all walking more in the current circumstances and because of this we thought we would just bring this book to your attention !

It’s 70 pages, with the walks expertly presented and described, each one is accompanied by an Ordnance Survey map and wonderful photography.

The book was first published in March 2018 and just recently Don has made some changes and improvements to the routes and directions. They will of course be incorporated in the next edition of this book. The existing book will come with a short insert setting out the revisions.

For those of you who already have a copy of this brilliant book then you can download these revisions from Don’s Village Website :

For those of you who can’t access the internet then just get in touch with the Chairman and he’ll arrange to get you a copy of the revisions.

Happy walking.

Best Kept Village Award….

The Best Kept Village Award is in the form of an ornate ‘post’ (for the want of a better word !) on a slightly elevated site at the bottom of Old Station Way. Well, it desperately needs some TLC so we plan to undertake this work in the Spring. Up until a year or so ago there was a wooden bench in front of the award which sadly lost its battle with the elements and was removed by the Parish Council. To coincide with our refurbishment plans we are delighted to report that a replacement wooden bench is to be donated by residents, Lesley and Clive Loughlin. The bench will be in memory of Lesley’s Mum who sadly died in May last year. The Society has of course secured the necessary permissions from the Parish Council.

Here is a super photo of the Award and the original bench which was taken back in 1997 when the Village won the competition.

January Zoom Meeting

 ‘How Green is our Village Part 4’ was presented to around 65 members by representatives of our Environment Group and what a great meeting it was. If you were not one of the lucky ones (!) who tuned in, then all is not lost. The whole presentation will be available via the ‘Zoom Cloud’ (!) until the 16th of this month.

Just drop an email to the Chairman and he will send the link and the simple passcode. There you go.


Addingham Civic Society