Addingham Environment Group Update

We now have both Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please search for “Addingham Environment Group” and follow us! With the Parish Council’s permission we can now go ahead and create wildflower areas in the Memorial Hall Field. Together with Garden Friends on Old Station Way and on the Skipton Road bank and with other organisations and individuals in the village, this will allow us to make progress with our village wildflower project and take part in a wider regional project called “Bee Together” being proposed by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. More, probably much more, later!

Neighbourhood Plan Up-Date

Some more progress to report on the Neighbourhood Plan – but also some more work required! Bradford Council officers kindly attended the NP Forum meeting on 13 November and gave a lot of feedback on the group’s work on housing sites and greenspace. As a result, some additional effort is required - Bradford Council Highways officers will assess potential housing sites from an access and traffic angle, and Conservation Officers will be looking at the impact development of each site might have on the Conservation Area and other heritage features. The Forum has asked that this work is undertaken within the current timeframe for the Plan so as to avoid undue delay. Forum members will also be re-visiting some existing site assessments and also looking at two new sites which Bradford Council have identified for possible housing development. On Traffic and Transport, a huge number of residents’ comments and suggestions have been collated and analysed, and the relevant Forum members are looking at possible solutions. It has to be said that traffic and parking are long-running issues in the village, and there are no easy answers! Work is underway on the Community Facilities and Infrastructure topic, starting with consultation with village clubs and organisations, whilst on the Business and Economy topic, the business survey questionnaire (paper copies and an online version) are in circulation. Kirkwells, the planning consultants advising the Forum and Parish Council, are pulling all the work into a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, and arrangements are being made for a major public consultation with residents as soon as possible in the New Year.

Our Latest Blue Plaque

Yes it’s the Village’s 8th plaque (with yet another to follow in the next few months…) The unveiling of the Penny Hole Plaque took place at 11.00am on Saturday the 9th of Dec. Penny Hole Cottage is down at Low Mill Village and the home of Colin Welby. The plaque reads ‘This building was the gatehouse for the historically significant Low Mill the world’s first successful worsted spinning mill built in 1787 workers who were late were fined one penny’. Colin had generously agreed to pay half the cost of the plaque with the balance being shared equally between the Society and the Parish Council. Despite the very cold weather there was a large turnout of Society members. Colin warmed us all up with mulled wine and mince pies.

The Society ‘Adopts’ a BT telephone Kiosk.

Many of you will know that we have very recently ‘taken possession’ of the telephone kiosk on Church Street. It is a Grade II listed building and an iconic landmark in the Village and we certainly did not want it removed by BT, as they did with the kiosk on The Green, at the top of the Village. Once the refurbishment is complete we will decide what we shall do with it! We have had many suggestions and if you would like to have your say then drop an email to: or mention it to one of the Society’s Trustees. You could even pop down to the Kiosk and write your suggestion/s on the note paper inside…..

The Civic Society Christmas Party

Our hugely popular Xmas Party was on the 7th of December. The Heritage Boys once more put on a star performance. There was much dancing and lots of festive activities. Everybody thought it was a great success and a large contribution was made to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance chaity.  

Our Environment Group

The 4Becks Project The project is gradually taking shape! Following the discussion we had at the Speaker Meeting last month we have now begun to set up our team of “beck stewards”. The plan is to work in pairs and for each pair to take responsibility for a given stretch of beck, starting with Town Beck and Back Beck. Jessica Penrose has kindly agreed to be the coordinator. Stewards will look for “bad things”, such as litter, builders rubbish, blocked culverts, storm water drains, pollution events, invasive species (such as Himalayan balsam and Signal crayfish), and “good things”, such as brown trout, dippers, grey wagtails, kingfishers, herons, otters, and wildflowers. Over time we should be able to build up an accurate picture of the becks and eventually remove “bad things” (although Signal crayfish I’m afraid to say are here to stay!) and protect the good things. We are continuing to look for volunteers to help with the 4Becks project. No previous experience necessary! If you would like to help please contact Rick on 01943 839792 or  

Hedgehogs Following on from our work with our village Beavers on tree identification in September, this month we are working with our First Addingham Brownie group headed up by Brown Owl, Gill Moon. We invited Dr Hedgehog (Stephanie Murie) from Bingley Hedgehog Rescue to run a hedgehog session with the Brownies (and their parents). Stephanie brought with her Trixabelle, for demonstration purposes (see picture). Hedgehog numbers have declined dramatically over the last few decades in the UK, and indeed there seem to be many fewer here in Addingham. We know there are populations at the top of Moor Lane, around Burns Hill and along Bark Lane, but where else? We need to do what we can to protect them. The first thing is to find out how many there are and where they occur. So if you have seen a hedgehog in the village this year can you let me (Rick) know where and when. It’s hibernation time soon so there’s not much more to be done this year, but with everyone’s help, especially the Brownies, who are now the experts, we will try to carry out a full village survey next year.

Village Newsletter

Village Newsletter Working once again with the Parish Council, we have started to plan the next edition of ‘Village News’. It will follow in the footsteps of the first 2, very successful Newsletters and it is hoped will be released around the end of February time, next year. So, if you would like to place an advertisement or know someone locally, who might wish to advertise, then do get in touch. Similarly, if you would like to write an article then again, let us know by sending an email to: or speak to any Trustee.

Autumn Fayre 21st Oct 2017

Autumn Fayre

Our Autumn Fayre took place on the 21st of October and once again was a huge success. As always the Village ‘answered the call’ by responding fantastically with a great turn out on the day, so a big thank-you to everyone who came along. We had a great day financially as well with a profit of just over £675, a terrific boost to our funds.

As with previous Fayres our local businesses donated some wonderful raffle prizes and many, many thanks go to: (in no particular order) The Co-op, Addingham Newsagents, Addingham Fisheries, Plan-it-Earth, The Sandwich Shop, The Swan Public House, Andrew Green Motors, The Sailor Public House, Claire Wareham Hair and Beauty, The Seafood Pub Company (The  Fleece), Aireworth Veterinary Practice, John Muirhead Dental Surgery, Rowlands Pharmacy, The Crown Public House, Addingham Social Club, The Cutting Line Hair Salon, The Ginger Plum Café and last but not least Fiona Mann. You are all brilliant !

At the Fayre we had a competition to ‘Guess the Weight’ of a fruit cake. Heather Tysoe was the nearest to the actual weight of the cake i.e. 3lbs 12oz with a well thought out entry of 3lbs 14oz. Well done Heather you’ve obviously done a fair bit of baking in your time!

Those of you who were at the Fayre hopefully had a chance to talk to our new Member of Parliament John Grogan. This was very much a social visit for John and he really enjoyed his visit.

Members Meeting Thursday 21st September

At our meeting this month the the Environment Group will told us 'How Green is our Village'. This covered Wild Flowers, Green Spaces, the Becks and the use of Solar Panels.  

Members Meeting Thursday 20th July

Our Speaker for July was Dr Elizabeth Milwain.

Elizabeth is a Director of  The Memory Tree CIC - a small not-for-profit organisation that she founded in 2012, providing specialist support about dementia to local communities, drawing on her background as a research psychologist working in the dementia field since 1996.

Elizabeth explained to us how various diseases of the brain cause dementia and that Alzheimers is just one of these diseases. She outlined key facts about dementia, signs to look out for and simple things we can all do to help both people affected by the condition and their families to build a dementia friendly community.

This was an excellent meeting. It was very well attended and we all came away much wiser.

Latest Blue Plaque

Blue Plaque Unveiling 19th August

We are delighted to announce that on Saturday the 19th of Aug, a good crowd turned out to see Judith Worsnop from the Addingham United Charity unveil the plaque at Mill Close Field (High Mill). The plaque is dedicated to John Crossley and Joshua Dawson who gave the land to the Overseers of the Poor of Addingham in the late 17th century. It’s a fascinating story and if you want to learn more then contact Peter Hadfield at This land and river bank was donated by JOSHUA DAWSON to The Overseers of the Poor of Addingham in March,1686 for the benefit of village residents. The original conveyance was by a deed. The original parchment copy, discovered in The Rectory in 1998, is deposited in the Bradford Library Archives. In the 1996 Civic Society Publication 'Addingham from Brigantes to By-pass', Kate Mason wrote; “The rent of this field was... for the use of the poor. The field still belongs to the village and has given many generations of children great delight in playing in the river and fishing from the river bank.”  

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan Forum continues to work on the various Plan topics, particularly assessments of possible housing sites as mentioned in last month’s newsletter, and village Green Spaces, with valuable information received from a fantastic response to the recent Green Space questionnaire. Another questionnaire has been prepared to get the views of local businesses – what issues are they concerned about and what improvements could be included in the Plan to help businesses prosper. There are over 80 business in the village (who knew?!) and their views are crucial. Hopefully the questionnaire will be circulated shortly, and a consultation meeting may also be held if businesses would find this useful. Returning to housing, the Forum’s method for assessing housing sites has been welcomed and supported by Bradford Council planners, which is encouraging. Also, although a large number of possible housing sites have been identified by Bradford Council, the Forum has been advised by its planning consultant to issue a “Call for Sites” to see if there are any other areas, probably very small sites, which might be suitable and which could help to meet the housing target for the village. This will be published in the local press in the near future and presents an opportunity to provide a general up-date on progress. In due course all this work will be discussed by the Parish Council with a view to holding a major village meeting – this is likely to be around early Autumn in order to avoid the peak holiday period and to give time to progress outstanding aspects of the Plan.

Addingham Environment Group

The Addingham Environment Group has been very active. Below are some of their recent activities. For more information vist the Environment  group by clicking here.

Environment Day 2018.

Following the very successful first village Environment Day held on May 13th this year the Environment Group has agreed the event should be repeated next year and, all things being equal, should become an annual event. Our proposal is for a similar format i.e. with a morning of displays and activities in the Memorial Hall followed by a guided walk in the afternoon.  We’re looking to fix a date for a Saturday in mid to late May or early June.

Neighbourhood Plan.

Jan Hindle and her team are making excellent progress in preparing the group’s contribution to the Neighbourhood Plan. The emphasis at the moment is on Village Green Space, identifying it, and assessing its value in terms of wildlife, beauty, historic significance, recreational value, and tranquillity. The Spaces assessed so far include Church Field, The Sailor and Burnside Mill Fields, Manor Garth, Sugar Hill and Back Beck Lane, and the Saw Mill and Town Beck. Jan would like to thank Linda Haggarty, Carol Miles and Richard Walton in particular for their help. Jan has also been carrying out a Green Space consultation exercise in the village to find out how our Green Spaces are used and valued by residents and how they might be improved. Over a hundred questionnaires have been returned and she is currently analysing the results.

Wildflower Project.

Our wildflower project is beginning to gather momentum as many groups in the village are interested in taking part. The Parish Council has invited us to put forward wildflower plans for land owned by the Council. With the Parish Clerk’s help we have now been able to map out council-owned land and we are ready to begin surveying the different fields. Garden Friends have been managing the Old Station Way grassland now for some years and we have joined forces with them to help this plot in the centre of the village become a showpiece for wildflowers. We are having a discussion with St Peter’s Church about the management of Church Field and we are meeting with The Methodist Church in the near future to assess how we can help improve their graveyard as an attractive, tranquil, wildlife-rich place to visit. We have also had meetings with the Golf Club. Bracken Ghyll Golf Course has many biodiverse areas including woodland, ponds and grasslands and the Greenkeeper, Rob Walker, is most interested in increasing wildflower populations on the course, especially in patches between fairways and alongside some of the tees. Overall, although the various organisations have different objectives and different constraints there is real potential to put together a village-wide strategy for wildflowers and pollinators in line with national governmental policies.

Becks Project.

The Becks Project is also making very good progress. A Steering Committee has now been drawn up with representatives from the Parish Council (Simon Tennant), the Addingham Anglers Association (Tony Brady) and the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust, the Wild Trout Trust, the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and Bradford Council. The first meeting was held in the Methodist Church Lounge on Tuesday 27th June to agree aims and objectives. Community engagement within the village is seen as the highest priority. We should have much more to report on the Becks in the next Newsletter

Bradford Accordion Band Concert

Bradford Accordion Band are visited us again on Thursday 22nd June. The event was very well attended and the audience were delighted with the performance.  

Protecting & Improving our Green Spaces

As part of the consultations for the Neighbourhood Plan, the NP Forum and the Civic Society’s Environment Group are seeking residents' views on Addingham’s green spaces, including how they could be improved for people and wildlife. You can pick up a questionnaire at the Civic Society AGM/Speaker Meeting, or alternatively, you can complete the survey online: It will just take a few minutes of your time, many thanks.     The bold numbers on the map in red refer to questions on the survey. To view this map in an enlargeable PDF form click here.