Members Meeting on Thursday 18th July at Addingham Memorial Hall.

 The meeting starts at 7.30pm. Admission is free to members but is £3 to non members. The speaker is Nigel Holden who will talk about the Raikeswood POW Camp in Skipton.

Members Meeting and AGM Thursday 16th May


Our members meeting and AGM were on Thursday 16th of May at 7.30pm in the Addingham Memorial Hall. The AGM was be first at 7.30 and lasted about 20 mins and  then was followed by a talk from Danny Jackson who is Countryside and Rights of Way manager for Bradford MDC. He explained what is the work of the Countryside and Rights of Way service and talked about examples of projects that they undertake.

Members Meeting Thursday 11th April

This meeting was given over to our Environment Group to present part 2 of  How Green is our Village. This was about our Carbon Footprint at Addingham.

Jan Hindle gave a comprehensive talk about the ‘state of the game’ then other speakers gave talks on what we can do. We worked in small groups to generate feedback from the floor.

Addingham Spring Fayre 6th April

As you can see it’s Spring Fayre time again, so make sure the date is in your diary ! As always we hope you will support the Fayre by providing items for the stalls, cakes, prizes, you know the sort of thing by now……..we want you to come along as well, of course ! You can drop off your donations on the Friday evening before the 6th or on the morning of the Fayre.
A big, big thank-you.

Members Meeting Thursday 21st March

At this meeting Helen Broadhead presented a talk about the Bradford Warriors : the story of the Bradford Suffragettes.

She gave us the history of the Suffragist and Suffragette movement starting from the Chartists through 1860, to the effect of World War and up to final ‘votes for all’. It was a talk packed full of dates, names and events.



The Meeting on Thursday February 28th

This month’s Members Meeting was later than usual because it’s Panto season in the Village. We were delighted to be welcoming Mike Dixon back to Addingham. It was 2 years ago that he filled the Memorial Hall when he came to give a talk entitled ‘By Rail to Otley’. This time round it was ‘By Rail to Bolton Abbey’. 

The hall was filled to capacity with every available seat taken. Mike fulfilled our expectations with an excellent talk about the history of this railway line from its conception to it’s closure and where to view the existing remains. The talk was illustrated with many views of the different stages in the life of this line.

Members Meeting Thursday 17th January

Our Speaker for Thursday 17th January

Dr Ian Adams taught political philosophy at Durham University and has published several books on that subject. Since his retirement he has concentrated on other interests, especially art history. He has taught U3A classes on history of art and architecture for a number of years and gives individual  lectures on these subjects for a variety of groups and societies.
And a date for your diary: our February meeting is somewhat later than usual, on the 28th. But well worth waiting for as it’s the very popular Professor Mike Dixon with a fascinating talk entitled: ‘By rail to Bolton Abbey

Neighbourhood Plan Update consultation November 2018

Neighbourhood Plan Update: Bradford Council’s consultation on the Addingham NDP runs from 14 November to 9 January 2019

The new draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (the Regulation 16 Draft) which the Parish Council submitted to Bradford Council in October is now out for public consultation.

Having reached this stage in the process, the consultation is run by Bradford Council.

All interested parties are invited to make comments objecting to or supporting the proposed plan.

The plan and supporting documents are on Bradford Council’s website, together with an electronic comment form:

All comments must be received by 12 noon on Wed 9 January. They can be sent by email: or by post to the Local Plan Team, 4th Floor Britannia House, BRADFORD, BD1 1HX.

The documents are also available on the  Neighbourhood Plan page of the Parish Council’s website:

You can also find the key documents below:

Click here to see the Regulation 16 Draft Plan:

Click here to see the Consultation Statement (which includes comments made to the Parish Council on the earlier Reg 14 draft of the plan and how they have been addressed in the new draft):

Neighbourhood Plan – Landscape Character Assessment

The importance and quality of Addingham’s landscape and setting is reflected in the Plan’s Vision Statement and is recognised as a critical element of the Plan and of the future of the settlement. To strengthen the evidence base of the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council commissioned professional landscape architecture practice to carry out a study. You can read the final report, click here: Landscape Character Assessment

Click here to download the comment form:  (word doc)  Addingham-NDP_Reg-16-Comment-Form-FINAL (1)

Paper copies of the Plan are also available to view at Ilkley Library, and at various locations in Addingham:

  • Memorial Hall
  • Community Library
  • Medical Centre
  • Rowlands Pharmacy (by the Medical Centre)
  • Telephone kiosk on Church St.
  • Co-op
  • Post Office

Next Meeting Thursday November 22nd at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall

Our Speaker. 

We were delighted to welcome back Jean Robinson who you may recall came to talk to us about the Raikes Road Burial Ground, Skipton in Feb last year. It was a fascinating talk and this month we heard all about ‘Rudyard Kipling’s Family: A Yorkshire Tale’. We enlightened about all the conections that Rudyard had in Skipton.


The Autumn Fayre 

Our 40th Anniversary Autumn Fayre took place on the 20th of Oct and was a huge success. The Village once again responded admirably with a great turn out on the day. So, a big thank-you to everyone who provided items/donations for our many stalls and to our bumper crowd ! We had a great day financially as well, with a profit of around £750, a terrific boost to our funds. As with previous Fayres our local businesses ‘responded to the call ‘ and donated some wonderful and very generous raffle prizes and many, many thanks must go to:
The Co-operative Store, Addingham Newsagents, Plan-it-Earth, The Sandwich Shop, Andrew Green Motors, The Sailor Public House, Claire Wareham Hair and Beauty, The Fleece Public House, Aireworth Veterinary Practice, John Muirhead Dental Practice, The Ginger Plum, The Village Pharmacy, The Cutting Line, The Plantation, The Swan Public House, Steels Coaches and the Village Social Club. Phew…… !
You are all fantastic thank you so much.


October Members Meeting with Andy Swinscoe from Courtyard Dairy Settle

Andy Swinscoe was our special guest this month on Thursday 18th October. Many of you already know that Andy from the Courtyard Dairy near Settle, who are:  Cheesemonger of the Year (Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2018) Featured in ‘The Most Amazing Cheese Shops in the World’ (The Daily Telegraph 2015, No. 7) The Best Food Retailer – Finalist (BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards 2014). This should be a cracking evening. 

Andy gave a very enthusiastic talk about the history of  British farmhouse cheese. He charted the decline of a once major industry to the recent rebirth and the reasons why. All this was backed up by samples for tasting.

The meeting was fully attended and extra seats had to be brought in.


Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Briefing Note

Each month the Society has been keeping you abreast of progress with regard to the Village’s Neighbourhood Plan (NP) via your Monthly Newsletter. Recently there have been important developments with regard to the Plan and the Society needs to bring these and the potential implications to your attention. This note will endeavour to set out the background to these developments and give the facts in an open and unbiased way. Out of necessity it is a lengthy and detailed communication and we do not apologise for that!

The key messages are :-

  • The Neighbourhood Plan is currently out for consultation and comment
  • The Plan HAS CHANGED from the Plan publicised in March / April and on which you may have previously commented
  • Members are encouraged to send comments on the new Plan – deadline 24 August

Addingham Parish Council (PC) is the responsible qualifying body for the Neighbourhood Plan. During the middle of July it distributed a flyer around Addingham stating that the Neighbourhood Plan was going forward without the “Housing Allocation” (i.e. the 3 sites in the village which were considered suitable for new housing).  The flyer stated that itwas intended “……to help protect the policies you support as soon as we can……and bring forward site allocations at a later date”.  It gave no indication of the fundamental difference of opinion within the Forum between the PC members who supported removal of the“Housing Allocation” and the rest of the Forum who did not. Also no mechanism or timescale was given for reinstating “Housing Allocation” into the Plan at a later date.

The background to this Draft NP document is as follows:-

  • An “Advisory Group’ of the Council – the Neighbourhood Plan Forum –was formed to undertake the work on the Plan. The Forum comprises 3 Parish Councillors (including one District Councillor) plus volunteers (representatives of Addingham Civic Society and village residents). The PC has appointed a professional Planning Consultant Michael Wellock as an adviser and to write the document.
  • Work on the NP started in 2015 and it has reached the draft plan stage. Plan topics include environment, housing, green spaces, traffic, heritage and community facilities.
  • Virtually all the technical detail (amounting collectively to hundreds of hours) was done by skilled and highly qualified professional members of the Society serving on the Forum, Michael Wellock, and the Parish Clerk.
  • A key decision taken at the outset was to include Housing Site Allocations in the Plan in order to try to meet the housing requirement of 200 dwellings, allocated for Addingham in Bradford’s Local Plan Core Strategy. In theory this gives the Village a say in where future houses are located.
  • After extensive survey work utilising Bradford Council’s methodology for assessing potential housing sites, 3 sites were identified which the Forum and the Parish Council considered suitable for housing development. These were included in the Draft Plan which was subject to a major public exhibition on the 9th and 10th of March 2018, with the consultation period running to 7th of April. It received overwhelming support from residents for all the policies. Two of the proposed housing sites were very strongly supported. There was also strong support for the third, the Old School Site, although some reservations were expressed about the use of part of the land for housing, mainly regarding access.
  • The Draft Plan was finalised by the Forum prior to adoption by the Parish Council at a meeting following its AGM on 16th However the meeting was informed of the need to speed the passage of the Plan through to a local referendum and adoption in May 2019 and this could only be achieved by removing the Housing Site Allocations Policy from the Plan as it was proving problematic with Bradford. The Plan would then proceed with a “streamlined” version. Justification for this action was unclear and financially based around the potential loss of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money which is generated from new developments. A motion to pursue this course of action was approved and ratified at an Extraordinary Meeting on 4th June. Unspecified steps would be taken to reinstate Housing Site Allocations after the adoption of the Plan. It is worth noting that in recent years housing provision in Addingham has proved very contentious and generated high levels of interest and comment.
  • The non-PC members of the Neighbourhood Plan Forum were unaware that the Parish Council planned to remove Housing Site Allocations and two informal meetings of the Forum were held where the PC endeavoured to explain the rationale for its action. The non-PC members were adamant that the NP should be left intact. About this time Bradford finally commented on our Draft NP. They supported most of the policies, but said that further work was required to justify the Housing Site Allocations. The non-PC members of the Forum felt this work could be delivered relatively quickly and need not delayprogress unduly. However the PC felt the process would continue to be delayed by Bradford and decided to proceed with a streamlined version of the Plan.
  • Whilst the Plan retains excellent policies it is the view of the non-PC Forum Representatives, who include members of the Civic Society, that by removing the Housing Site Allocations the Draft Neighbourhood Plan has been weakened and will leave the Village more vulnerable to aggressive developer applications in the short term. By the time the PC embarks on a fresh consultation to reinstate the Housing Site Allocations, post the referendum in May 2019, the exercise will probably be irrelevant. It could take a further year or more, by which time fundamental housing decisions will have been taken.

It should also be noted that:


  1. There are other policies in the plan, which were strongly supported by Village residents in the March consultation and they remain, with only minor changes. The proposals for Local Green Space designation, which give a strong level of protection, for instance, are unaltered.
  2. The PC as the body responsible for the NP is of course perfectly entitled to proceed as indicated.


As stated above the Revised Draft Neighbourhood Plan is currently in a further 6 week statutory Regulation 14 Consultation Period ending on 24th August. The document can be viewed on the Council’s website

The website also details places in the village where paper copies of the document have been deposited.  These are: The Memorial Hall, Community Library, Medical Centre, Rowlands Pharmacy (by the Medical Centre), Civic Society Telephone kiosk on Church St., Co-op, Post Office. Anyone wishing to comment is asked to use the response form, which can be found on the Parish Council website and also attached to this note. Respondents are asked whether they support/object or wish to comment on specific policies.

We would strongly urge Members to take the opportunity to comment on a fundamentally different plan to that presented at the 9th of  March Informal Consultation (Open Event)at the Memorial Hall.


How to comment on the Plan

  • Read the plan document (!) (available as indicated above)
  • Print off the Response Form attached to your email (as many copies as you need), write up your comments, and deliver the form(s) to the Old School building
  • You can also access the Response Form via the PC’swebsite:

  • Alternatively, save the form to your computer and type in your comments; then either email your form(s) to the Parish Clerk or print them off and deliver them to the Old School
  • Should you have any difficulty printing the response form then you can call into Hadfields Printers on Main Street and pick one (or more) up
  • A separate form is required for each policy you are commenting on. You will need to check the plan document for the policy and page number.  Tick the appropriate box on the form to show if you are supporting, objecting to or commenting on a policy in the Plan; it is also possible to tick more than one box – eg where you want to support and make comments, or object and make comments.

If you require any help in understanding the Plan or advice in making your comments, then please contact Malcolm Keeble via email:



Our Solar System

‘Our Solar System’ was the topic for our meeting on Thursday 19th July. As usual the meeting was in the Memorial Hall and started at 7.30pm. The speaker was Dr. Bill Jones.

Bill gave us a talk about where our Solar System fits in to the known Universe. He then presented an up to date state of the game about what we know about the Solar System and the planets and other bodies that we have. This included information about discoveries made only this year. We are gaining knowledge about the Solar System at an ever increasing rate.

This presentaion was extremely well received by all the members present.

Members Meeting 17th May 2018

Dr. Stephen Lewis talked about ‘Brimham Rocks 120 Million years ago’. His talk was be preceded by the AGM which will be the subject of a separate report.



Members’ Meeting March 22nd in the Memorial Hall

Our Speaker for this month was Richard Walton. As most of you will know Richard is one of our Trustees and his talk gave an interesting insight into the rise of the Railway in Addingham but then, very sadly, it’s demise.

This talk had a record attendance, the hall was filled to capacity. As well as members, guests had travelled from far and wide to listen to this very interesting subject. They were not dissapointed.


Addingham Civic Society