Chairmans Report 2017

Chairman’s Report: Addingham Civic Society’s AGM 18th of May 2017.

Our AGM this year was uneventful and nothing untoward was raised. The minutes of the 2016 AGM were agreed with no matters arising. Likewise the Treasurers report covering the 12 month period up to the end of March was agreed, again with no matters arising. All the existing Officers and Trustees agreed to stand and were re-elected unanimously. There was only one new nomination for Trustee: Richard Walton and he was elected, again unanimously.

There was one item of AOB: a proposal that the annual subscriptions be increased from £8 to £9 for a single member and from £15 to £17 for double membership. This decision was agreed unanimously.

Following these formalities I then gave my review of the year on behalf of the Trustees. I will simply list the various activities and achievements highlighted throughout the last 12 months with bullet points, but in no particular order:

  • A new publication Addingham in WW2 and a DVD about the The Old Sawmill were released.
  • Our Environment Group went from strength to strength and we are all very proud of their achievements. Many thanks to Rick Battarbee and his growing team.
  • 2 new Blue Plaques were unveiled: The Band Ole and St Peter’s Church.
  • 2 very successful Fayres.
  • Working with the Parish Council we launched the Village Newsletter in March.
  • The handover of the MUGA to the Parish Council was formally completed on the 1stof April.
  • Under the leadership of Malcolm Keeble our planning sub-group continued to review all planning applications for the Village and responded as appropriate.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan Forum was starting to really take shape with the Society playing a major role.
  • We had a very successful Summer trip to Sizergh Castle and Kendal.
  • As a member of Civic Voice we were able to distribute free National Trust passes to our members.
  • We continued to support other Village Groups and Societies. Financial assistance was given to the Xmas Market, the Tour of Yorkshire and a pledge of support made to the Community Library.
  • With a large membership base we qualified to become a member of Civic Voice’s ‘Large Societies Group’: A good networking forum.
  • And finally I was given an award from the PC for Exceptional Community Service. Excellent !

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Members for their support and help throughout the last 12 months and whilst on the subject of thanks I must not forget my fellow Trustees !

So, where did those 12 months go ?

I’m looking forward to the next 12 months and finally if there is anything you want to raise about the Society then please get in touch. We do listen, honestly !

Best wishes. Jim

Addingham Civic Society