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The reality of climate change is forcing society to think very carefully about our natural environment and how it needs to be protected and managed.  Although Governments must lead by taking timely action and setting the policy framework individual citizens, households and local communities need to play their part to the full if the aims of mitigating climate change and reversing biodiversity loss are to be met.

In April 2016 the Addingham Civic Society, in an initiative endorsed by the village Parish Council, formed an environment sub-group to develop a village environment plan.  The group has the following objectives:

  • To raise awareness, encourage involvement and take action to protect and enhance the natural environment of the village and surrounding countryside;

and more specifically:

  • To minimise the environmental impact of modifications to the built environment;
  • To promote actions needed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and adapt to climate change;
  • To promote good land management, protect natural and semi-natural ecosystems and enhance biodiversity;
  • To minimise pollution of all kinds.

For more information contact Rick Battarbee on r.battarbee@ucl.ac.uk  or visit the Environment Group Website at environment.addingham.info.

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