Meet the Trustees

Here is a list of the current board of Trustees, briefly what their roles are and a photo of each:


Jim Robinson: Hon Chairman







Malcolm Keeble: Hon Vice Chairman and Planning








Gill Battarbee: Hon Secretary







Ann Austin: Hon Treasurer






Ken Birch: Communications and Promotions









Brenda Crooks: Catering






Ian Drysdale: Financial Advisor







Jayne Hood: Events, Fund Raising and Recruitment






Steve Lloyd: Publications





Jack Robson: Events and Distribution






Richard Walton: Planning and Odd Job Man !






In addition and very importantly of course, we have our President Don Barrett and Vice President Jonathan White. There are also currently 2 ‘co-opted’ Trustees Margaret Keating who looks after our Membership and Roger Seddon our Legal Advisor.

So, no excuses the next time you see any of us out and about please say hello…. !’

Addingham Civic Society