Motel Site planning appeal comment August 2018


                                                                                                                       Nicholas Patch

Room 3D

Planning Inspectorate

Temple Quay House

2 The Square

Temple Quay

Bristol BS1 6PN

14thAugust 2018


Dear MrPatch


Re PlanningAppeal against a decision for residential development


I am writing to oppose the above appealon behalf of Addingham Civic Society (ACS),whichhas 400 local members. This is consistent with ACS’s original objection to the initial planning application,dated 8th November 2017.


Addingham is in the process of developing a Neighbourhood Plan which has reached the Regulation 14 Consultation stage. Bradford Council’s Core Strategy requires the village to accommodate 200 houses by 2030. A Forum was established by Addingham Parish Council made up primarily of councillors and members of ACS to address the matter. Brownfield sites were high on the list and the motel site was considered a prime candidate, particularly as it already had planning consent for a motel. Back in 2016 the whole site was therefore promoted in an early draft of the Plan with a potential for up to 20 houses.


However, following discussions with Bradford, the site had to be withdrawn owing to its Green Belt designation. More recently the Parish Council has opted not to include “housing allocations” in its Draft Plan but the motel site is still viewed as an important site once the Green Belt has been reviewed. ACS would therefore like to see the current appeal dismissed and the applicant engage in discussions with both Bradford and the Forum to get the site removed from Green Belt in the forthcoming review. This would then provide an opportunity to maximise the site’s potential in terms of the number of houses, their design and layout which need to be commensurate with the character ofAddingham.


Yours faithfully

Malcolm R Keeble


Addingham Civic Society

Addingham Civic Society