Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Update July 2018

Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Update
Please bear with us, as this all gets just a little complicated!
At recent meetings, the Parish Council have been considering how to progress the Neighbourhood Plan
given that comments from Bradford Council on the proposed document had still not been received (the
informal consultation period ended on 7 April). It appeared that the Plan’s housing site allocations were
problematic for Bradford, as discussed at the 16 May PC meeting.
An EGM of the Parish Council on 4 June then agreed to produce a streamlined version of the Plan excluding
the housing site allocations. These allocations were three sites which the NP Forum had assessed as being
the best means of delivering the majority of the required number of dwellings allocated for Addingham, whilst
protecting other valued green spaces and the landscape.
At the 20 June PC meeting, it was reported that Bradford’s comments had at last been received, and they
were discussed at the Forum meeting on the 29th of June. These comments would be taken into account
when finalising the streamlined version of the NP.
Society members (and all village residents) should recently have received a hand
delivered leaflet outlining
the Parish Council’s proposals for progressing the Neighbourhood Plan. The Consultation Report and
minutes of PC meetings are of course available on the PC website
Addingham Civic Society