Neighbourhood Plan Up-Date

Some more progress to report on the Neighbourhood Plan – but also some more work required! Bradford Council officers kindly attended the NP Forum meeting on 13 November and gave a lot of feedback on the group’s work on housing sites and greenspace. As a result, some additional effort is required – Bradford Council Highways officers will assess potential housing sites from an access and traffic angle, and Conservation Officers will be looking at the impact development of each site might have on the Conservation Area and other heritage features. The Forum has asked that this work is undertaken within the current timeframe for the Plan so as to avoid undue delay.
Forum members will also be re-visiting some existing site assessments and also looking at two new sites which Bradford Council have identified for possible housing development.
On Traffic and Transport, a huge number of residents’ comments and suggestions have been collated and analysed, and the relevant Forum members are looking at possible solutions. It has to be said that traffic and parking are long-running issues in the village, and there are no easy answers!
Work is underway on the Community Facilities and Infrastructure topic, starting with consultation with village clubs and organisations, whilst on the Business and Economy topic, the business survey questionnaire (paper copies and an online version) are in circulation.
Kirkwells, the planning consultants advising the Forum and Parish Council, are pulling all the work into a draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, and arrangements are being made for a major public consultation with residents as soon as possible in the New Year.

Addingham Civic Society