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Addingham in World War TwoCover

by Beryl Falkingham and Richard Thackrah

This book describes ways in which villagers worked for the war effort at home, in the Civil Defence, Home Guard or ARP (Air Raid Precautions) and other organisations. It continues with a diary of wartime newspaper reports, followed by detailed information about the lives, and deaths, of the men from Addingham who lost their lives in the 1939 to 1945 conflict.


Addingham Sawmill

An excellent short DVD about the Addingham Sawmill, produced by our very own Don Barrett.

It summarises the history of the Mill and features an old film made in 1952 called ‘Timber’. The cost of the DVD is £4 and if you want a copy then contact Steve Lloyd on 01943 830853 or email Steve at



We who Served cover 110_160v2We who served…     

by Catherine Snape

From Addingham, a village with a population of less than 2000, over 400 men marched to fight in the 1914-18 war. This book tells about the families and their men who went to war.

Paperback: £10.00 from Addingham Newsagents or Amazon (there may be a carriage charge).



Addingham Houses 1750 – 1850 

by Arnold Pacey

Before 1750 Addingham was a small farming community but during the next 100 years the village was transformed by the coming of the textile industry.

Paperback: £3.50, from Addingham Newsagents or Amazon (there may be a carriage charge)

E-Book version from Amazon: £1.99



William-Bradley-Book-IMG_1979-110_160William ‘Bill’ Bradley

By Don Barrett & Ian Crawshaw

Addingham’s Most Inventive Engineer. Inventor of textile machinery and unique motorcycles for his successful attempts to master cross-country trials riding.

Paperback: £4.00, from Addingham Newsagents, direct from Addingham Civic Society or Amazon (there may be a carriage charge)



Main Street Memories

by Don Barrett, Beryl Falkingham & Gloria Stitt

Present day Addingham is very different to what it was during the Second World War and the 1950s. This book describes the everyday life of two young girls growing up on Main Street during the war.

Paperback: £4.00, from Addingham Newsagents, direct from Addingham Civic Society or Amazon (there may be a carriage charge)



‘Woolcombers Worsteds and Watermills’

by Kate Mason

Addingham was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution. It saw the development of some of the earliest worsted spinning mills in Yorkshire. This book tells the story from when woolcombers and weavers worked in local farmhouses to the time when Addingham was a large industrial centre, to the closure of the mills in the 1960’s and 70’s.

£3.50 from Addingham Newsagents or Amazon (there may be a carriage charge)



Addingham from Brigantes to Bypass

by Kate Mason

The village was mentioned as early as 875 when the Archbishop of York took refuge here. Since then Addingham became important for farming and textiles, and boasted the world’s first successful mill-spun worsted yarn. It is now entering a new phase as a commuter village at the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.

£5 or free to members



Country walks around Addingham

 by Alison Armstrong

This book has 6 walks around Addingham that visit historic features from the past that are still visible today. These range in time from the period when Addingham was under the sea through to the scars of the Ice Age, the Roads that were built during the Roman occupation, the Medieval stone masons who carved the lintels on many houses and made the millstones in the old quarry near Windgate Nick up to when Addingham was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution.



Manor Garth

 by Arnold Pacey

This book describes the ‘Manor Garth’, which is a green field at the heart of the rural village of Addingham in the Yorkshire Dales. Patterned by paths and becks it contains a wealth of wild flowers, grasses and trees. It holds a long history, extending into neighbouring parts of the village with dwellings and barns dating back to about 1450. The author details archaeological evidence which is significant such as earthworks and fragments of timber framed houses.

£1.50 or free to members


imofpast images of past 100_80‘Addingham – Glimpses from the Past’

An anthology of photographs of old Addingham. These are divided into different sections looking at life as it used to be in Addingham: Farming, Down the Main Street, At Work, School Groups, At Play and Buildings Around and About Addingham.


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