Our Environment Group

The 4Becks Project
The project is gradually taking shape! Following the discussion we had at the Speaker Meeting last month we have now begun to set up our team of “beck stewards”.
The plan is to work in pairs and for each pair to take responsibility for a given stretch of beck, starting with Town Beck and Back Beck. Jessica Penrose has kindly agreed to be the coordinator. Stewards will look for “bad things”, such as litter, builders rubbish, blocked culverts, storm water drains, pollution events, invasive species (such as Himalayan balsam and Signal crayfish), and “good things”, such as brown trout, dippers, grey wagtails, kingfishers, herons, otters, and wildflowers.
Over time we should be able to build up an accurate picture of the becks and eventually remove “bad things” (although Signal crayfish I’m afraid to say are here to stay!) and protect the good things. We are continuing to look for volunteers to help with the 4Becks project. No previous experience necessary! If you would like to help please contact Rick on 01943 839792 or r.battarbee@ucl.ac.uk.


Following on from our work with our village Beavers on tree identification in September, this month we are working with our First Addingham Brownie group headed up by Brown Owl, Gill Moon. We invited Dr Hedgehog (Stephanie Murie) from Bingley Hedgehog Rescue to run a hedgehog session with the Brownies (and their parents). Stephanie brought with her Trixabelle, for demonstration purposes (see picture).
Hedgehog numbers have declined dramatically over the last few decades in the UK, and indeed there seem to be many fewer here in Addingham. We know there are populations at the top of Moor Lane, around Burns Hill and along Bark Lane, but where else? We need to do what we can to protect them. The first thing is to find out how many there are and where they occur. So if you have seen a hedgehog in the village this year can you let me (Rick) know where and when. It’s hibernation time soon so there’s not much more to be done this year, but with everyone’s help, especially the Brownies, who are now the experts, we will try to carry out a full village survey next year.

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