Introduction to Planning 

Planning has been a core function of the Society since its inception. It
is undertaken by a small dedicated group of Members, some of
whom have professional experience of planning, architecture and
the environment. The Planning Sub Group has a brief to represent
the interests of Members and residents of Addingham and
Wharfedale in all aspects of planning, both at a local and national
level. This includes over-arching Government Policy and Legislation
together with Local and Neighbourhood Plans. Over recent years
meetings have been conducted with Ministers, our Local MPs and
Bradford Planners. Submissions have been made to Bradford’s
emerging Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan and Government
planning proposals.
All planning applications in the Addingham area are scrutinised and
checked for compliance with the Neighbourhood Plan and local
environmental sensitivities. Where appropriate formal comment is
made, particularly where a precedent is likely to be set, or the
environment / Conservation Area could be adversely impacted.
We have a holistic positive approach to planning and see it as an
invaluable tool to continually improve our community, providing the
right homes, facilities and environment, whilst conserving its
heritage for future generations.

Addingham Civic Society