Built environment

  • Seek to prevent building on land of high ecological and cultural value
  • Assess environmental impacts of building on land proposed for development
  • Ensure new building aspires to the highest design standards with respect to its environmental impact
  • Encourage owners of existing residential and commercial buildings to adopt energy efficiency and other green measures.


Land management and biodiversity

  • Protect and enhance semi-natural ecosystems in the village;
  • Protect and enhance populations of plants and animals in the village;
  • Eliminate invasive non-native plant and animal species;
  • Promote sustainable land management of farmed land;
  • Encourage wildlife friendly management of publicly owned open spaces.


Climate change

  • Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by adopting energy efficiency measures within households, businesses, societies, clubs and churches;
  • Reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by encouraging adoption of non-fossil fuel sources of energy for space heating, lighting and transport;
  • Encourage native tree planting to sequester carbon and enhance biodiversity;
  • Encourage biodiversity-enhancing offsetting;
  • Adapt to future climate change by improving wildlife habitats, especially in size and continuity to enable species to move;
  • Adapt to climate change by protecting water courses from pollution by nutrients and soil erosion;
  • Adapt to climate change by minimising runoff and downstream flooding using natural flood protection measures.



  • Minimise water pollution by ensuring polluting substances are not directly discharged into a water course;
  • Minimise eutrophication by reducing diffuse pollution from agricultural land;
  • Minimise air pollution;
  • Minimise use of toxic substances such as pesticides and herbicides;
  • Minimise soil erosion;
  • Reduce waste and minimise the need for landfill by composting organic matter and recycling all other waste;

For more information visit the Addingham Environment Group Website at addingham.environment.info.

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