Scrubs for Health Workers

You may have seen that “hospital scrubs” have been hitting the headlines over the last couple of weeks and they’ve certainly hit the headlines in Addingham. The COVID-19 Support Group was asked to help by putting out requests for fabric.

We had a huge response with material arriving daily. The plan was to pass the fabric along to the sewing groups in Ilkley and Menston. However, within the first 48 hours of making the request for fabric we’d had another request – from our own Health Centre who were also in need of scrubs. So, before passing the fabric along we decided to make sure our health centre was supplied with their own sets of scrubs.

The first challenge was to print the “official” NHS scrubs pattern. It looked quite easy until we realised it was printed on 50 A4 pages, 45 of which had to be stuck together like a jigsaw to make the paper pattern. After using much paper and numerous rolls of Sellotape we had three patterns printed and stuck together.

A few phone calls later and we had a sewing team in place, sewing machines were brought out of retirement and dusted off. Discussions resolved that, depending what was in the cupboard, the colour of cotton thread might have to change half way through a pair of trousers or a top and that the waist tie might be of a completely different and random colour. We all made use of the online tutorial for putting in a bag pocket, not something most of us do on a daily basis. So, our team of four ‘sewers’ made eights sets of scrubs, two each for four of the health professionals at the Health Centre.

We have also been able to give fabric to the Menston, Ilkley and Bradford Scrubs Sewing Groups.

Huge thanks to all the people who donated fabric, Richard Hunter Rowe for transport and pattern making, and the sewing team Jayne Hood, Pam Morgan, Fiona Walton and Gill Battarbee.

Photo courtesy of Pam Morgan

Addingham Civic Society