Our Speaker for May: Andrew Lund talked about the Wrecks of Scapa Flow

Andrew was born and raised in Ilkley. His career as a Chartered Loss Adjuster for over 40 years took him to various parts of the country and overseas. Looking for something interesting to do after retirement he took up scuba diving and developed an interest in shipwrecks. One of the world’s renowned wreck diving locations is Scapa Flow off the north of Scotland where the German High Seas Fleet was scuttled at the end of the First World War. Andrew’s talk looked at the events leading up to that momentous day, the salvage efforts which followed and the wrecks which still lie at the bottom of the Flow. Andrew’s talk was well received by a near capacity audience. We learnt a lot about the history of the end of WW1. Unknown to us all was the fact that that technically the war didn’t finish. After the cease fire, it just fizzled out in the mire of months of armistice talks.

Addingham Civic Society