The Future

Over the next couple of years communities like our own will have a much bigger part to play in helping to decide and shape the future of where we live, work and play. We will be empowered to ‘do things our way’ and help make our village economically sustainable and socially vibrant. This will not be easy because much of Local and Central Government will be reluctant to change and accept a rapidly changing landscape. They will have no alternative. Many Civic Societies are steeped in tradition and have been reluctant to embrace change and whilst historical heritage is very important, the Society is looking very much to the future by helping to establish a community environment that will ‘stand the test of time’. It is committed to working hand in hand with the many village organisations (also those a bit further afield) and in particular our very own Parish Council. The Society has much in common with Catherine Coates (the Chair of the Council) and her team and by building on an excellent relationship the community as a whole will undoubtedly benefit. As community funding is being cut, organisations like our own will have a greater part to play in the life of our village and this is acknowledged and understood. The Society will certainly endeavour to do ‘its bit’. Our village has been ‘doing’ David Cameron’s BIG SOCIETY for a very long time ! The Society is constantly striving to improve the way it interacts and communicates with its members. There is always much going on and it wants to try and make sure that everyone knows. There is a commitment to make greater use of technology and dare say it, ‘social media’ such as Facebook and Twitter. This website is our ‘shop front’ to the outside world and the Society will strive to keep it up to date and informative. The future for Addingham Civic Society is a bright one. There is a very supportive membership base (and growing), a strong Board of Trustees, a structure encompassing a number of effective sub committees and a sound financial structure and base.The Society is a respected and valued ‘member’ of the village and we will always be looking to build on this. However, there is little room for complacency.   And finally: If you are not a member of the Society then we hope that having spent a short time reading who we are and what we do, you might be tempted to join. In which case, please visit the ‘join us’ page on the website, download the membership form and get it off to us as soon as possible ! Alternatively, drop us an email requesting further details. We do provide good value for money ! If you are already a member then please take the time to read about all the things that we as your Society are doing on your behalf and on behalf of the village as a whole.