Village Photo Comprtition

Village Photography Competition.

Following on from the success of the 2020 Environment Group Photo Competition, we are planning a repeat of this popular event.
The wildlife categories are:

  • Bees and hoverflies (any kind)
  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • All other animals including mammals, amphibians, fish and other invertebrates
  • Wildflowers
  • Landscape of views within the parish or seen from the parish.

In all of these, except for cropping, digital adjustments should not be made since we don’t want misrepresentations of nature; these pictures will be kept and held in the village archive for future reference.
Each entry must have

  • Name of the photographer
  • Category
  • Age, if 11 or under
  • Date of picture (must be taken in 2021)
  • Precise location of subject (address, geographic description, or grid reference)
  • Picture title (including species name/s and/or geographic features.

This year, there will be two extra categories:

  • Addingham – our village
  • Creative

The Addingham category is meant to show off the village with reference to its buildings, village events and its people (though please get permission from any persons before sending in your images). Digital manipulation to a degree is acceptable, but please try to remember this category is essentially documentary.
Creative gives free reign to your artistic side. Anything goes, provided a camera was used at some stage in the process, including all types of digital software, to realise your masterpiece!
As last year, there will be a separate competition for children aged 11 years or under. There are no categories here – we just want to see your favourite shots, but please include the same entrant details.
The closing date for submissions is 29/5/2021 and images should be submitted to
There will be prizes for the winner of each category, and another for an overall winner judged to be ‘best in show’!
Good luck

Addingham Civic Society